Brand Spotlight: The Nutmeg Company

Tuesday, 23rd of September 2014

On the Past Impressions blog, we've talked endlessly about 3D cross stitch kits and their unique and highly artistic concept. It's something we very much intend to excitedly discuss some more, and today we're going right to the source by shining our brand

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Brand Spotlight: Hunter Patchwork Quilts

Monday, 18th of August 2014

There's a variety of ways one can make a good brand when it comes to cross stitch kits, tapestry or other needlecraft. Highly skilled designers, the best choice of materials and a name that clicks are a few ways to optimize your success chances. Personally,

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Brand Spotlight: Heritage Crafts

Monday, 23rd of June 2014

Out of all the many wondrous craft suppliers and designers we've featured on the blog, one has escaped our praises for far too long. With so many of their stellar cross stitch kits filling the homes of crafters all over the world, we surely could not go another

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Brand Spotlight: Stitch Kits

Thursday, 8th of May 2014

At Past Impressions, the doors are always open for suppliers who have knack for reshaping the traditional tropes we love so much into all new, contemporary patterns. StitchKits, a London based embroidery company, have this combination of schools both new &

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Brand Spotlight: The Stitching Shed

Friday, 14th of March 2014

We doubt we'll ever tire of cross stitch samplers. An enjoyable way to get the most out of our favourite embroidery hobby, their humble history of demonstrating one's proficiency with a needle has made them the most popular way for stichers to celebrate almost

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Our 7 Favourite Characters to Cross Stitch

Thursday, 20th of February 2014

A couple of times on this blog we've sung praise to those certain familiar faces who like to turn up on our cross stitch pieces. More often or not, it's classic children's characters who are the perfect catalysts to get the younger generation into needlecraft,

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