There's a variety of ways one can make a good brand when it comes to cross stitch kits, tapestry or other needlecraft. Highly skilled designers, the best choice of materials and a name that clicks are a few ways to optimize your success chances. Personally, we feel a great way to build a collection of kits that everyone will love is to center them around one, or several, wonderful characters, and what better way to do it than in the style of today's spotlighted brand: Hunter Crafts.

Humphrey3This collection of patterns, including Hunter patchwork pieces, cross stitch kits, quilts and knitting/sewing soft toys will bring a smile to your face every time you glance the finished project. Ideal for children's nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms, each kit is beautifully packaged and a joy to create...though we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, as we've not even told you about the titular character, the friends, family and story of the cute little elephant of Humphrey's Corner.


A 3 year old friend to all your little ones, Humphrey is a gentle and soft elephant, though sometimes he can get a bit too noisy. He's always seen with his favourite toy - a rabbit named mop, and loves doing everything from making pictures for the kitchen wall to going fishing down at the brook. There's also Humphrey's loving Mum and Dad, with Lottie, his kind, lovely (but sometimes bossy!) big sister, and Baby Jack: the giggling, dribbling littlest member of the family.

All these wondrous characters and their illustrated loveliness are the work of artist and designer Sally Hunter. It's been 16 years since she created Humphrey's Corner, basing the many family members on her own three children and many memorable people from her childhood - when you're trying out her craft kits, you're being taken down a tour memory lane! Starting out as a set of greeting cards and a storybook, with help from needlecraft industry leaders Debbie Shore and Sue Stratford, Humphrey has blossomed onto a great set of sewing and wool kits, all beautifully supplied with step by step instructions.

Now this beautiful range has found its way to Past Impressions, we want to share the many wonderful items you can make to enchant your home for you and your child. In the realm of our favourite activity, cross stitch kits, Humphrey and family feature in a few, including birth samplers, cross stitch kits for birthdays and even patterns perfect for Christmas.

image of Humphrey's Corner Birthday Girl Cross Stitch Kit

Other ways to bring the charming Humphrey and his famille into your home include various Humphrey patchwork quilting kits, available as wall hangings, cushion covers and lovely coloured blanket covers. And of course we'd be totally remiss if we didn't show off the exceptional sewing and knitting soft toy kits of Humphrey, Lottie and Baby Jack. Fun to make for your kids, perhaps with a bit of careful help, they bring these fantastic characters to life with all their unmissable traits and trunks.

If you've taken home one of the Hunter Patchwork kits, or any other of these fantastic needlecraft designs, we'd love to see the finished pieces enjoyed by your happy little ones. You can share any photos or thoughts on Humphrey's Corner and Hunter Crafts with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page, through Twitter or via Google+.

Post By Graham Ashton