How to Cross Stitch in a Modern World

Wednesday, 12th of February 2014

A key word when it comes to Cross Stitch is ‘tradition’, and that’s always been a bit of a problem. When you have a hobby revered for its age and history, you face an uphill battle trying to get the younger people, with even younger likes

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Brand Spotlight: Little Dove Designs

Monday, 20th of January 2014

When there's a true passion and love for crafts behind a designer's work, it really shows. From the overall range of products, to the idea at the core of every cross stitch kit, we love bringing in patterns and pieces that embody all the things we love best

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Brand Spotlight: DMC Creative World

Wednesday, 13th of November 2013

When looking for a trusted supplier of good craft goods and cross stitch kits, three words comes to mind: 'Experience', 'Tradition' and 'Expertise'. In all three areas, our highlighted brand of the week reigns supreme. And we need no further proof of this

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It's Never Too Early - How to Cross Stitch Xmas

Monday, 9th of September 2013

Sometimes it's nice to sit back, have a think, and try to put together just what makes Christmas so dear to us. Of course for many there's the religious heritage of the season, yet so many comparatively recent traditions push on through like Santa, Snowmen,

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Cross Over Into 3D Stitching

Monday, 19th of August 2013

In essence, cross stitch is an optical illusion. Like computers, televisions and even our own brains, the patterns are made from a collection of small coloured dots that we've taken and arranged to resemble a meaningful image. Indeed, your weaving back and

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New Range of Hello Kitty Cross Stitch Kits

Friday, 12th of July 2013

Patterns based on popular characters have proved to be an easy way to get children into cross stitching, and are no doubt a major factor behind the past time's boom with young people over the last few years. Nearly everyone from Mickey Mouse to Spongebob has

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