Guide to Choosing The Right Needlecraft Supplies

Wednesday, 15th of April 2015

It's fair to say that any hobby that doesn't require any dedication isn't worth dedicating yourself to. Thankfully needlecraft's many forms, from cross stitch to tapestry, each require at least a little bit of investment, whether that be in learning new

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Beginner's Guide to Tapestry Kits

Wednesday, 18th of June 2014

Tapestry is a cornerstone of our site, and yet until now we've more or less neglected to provide a decent how-to on this classic form of needlecraft. It's been going on as far back as Ancient Greece, and is still being made popular today by artists like Grayson

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10 Mind-blowing Tapestries of the Modern Age

Friday, 7th of March 2014

A couple of months ago on the Past Impressions blog, we listed some of history's most marvelled tapestries; still as revered today as they were upon their unveiling. Their instant recognition does however paint Tapestry as being an art-form who's heyday has

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Five of the World's Most Famous Tapestries

Monday, 7th of October 2013

A good tapestry always leave you stunned, whether you're lucky enough to stand in front of an original, or even if you catch a glimpse of some grainy photograph posted online. No matter its size, subject matter or presence in the public concious, going on

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Tap Into Tapestry With Our New Anchor Range

Wednesday, 28th of August 2013

Here on the Past Impressions blog we've already gone into the inner weaving of tapestry more than once. An ancient form of needlecraft that clings on with no sign of stopping, we've also highlighted the plentiful and profound tapestry patterns offered up by

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