dales cottage cross stitch kitDower House 3D Cross Stitch Kit

On the Past Impressions blog, we've talked endlessly about 3D cross stitch kits and their unique and highly artistic concept. It's something we very much intend to excitedly discuss some more, and today we're going right to the source by shining our brand spotlight on one of the most innovative and incomparable designers and the home of 3-D cross stich kits: The Nutmeg Company.

A producer of many many different kits, accessories and even some books and publications, The Nutmeg Company have had a presence at stitching shows throughout the UK since 1994. All the kits are designed by Meg Evershed, who'd previously in the craft world before establishing the company as her full time endeavour. Originally packaged and distributed by Fabric Flair, since 2002 the kits have been available through the Nutmeg Company website, stitching shows and certain online needlecraft stores.

Offering more than just a flat, stationary image, The Nutmeg Company's imaginative 3-D cross stitch kits are stitched on perforated paper, which can be folded and cut out to form freestanding greeting cards, gift bags, jewellery/keepsake boxes or even elaborate house & cottages, trees and ornaments for babies & children. They provide a more practical purpose than most cross stitch kits and work for a number of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, new baby arrivals and so much more.


As we've seen many times when posting new kits on the blog or Past Impressions' social media, we often have people marvel at the works of The Nutmeg Company, but who also feel the kits are too far above their skill level. Whilst a beginner in sewing and embroidery would not find a 3-D cross stitch kit to be a suitable project idea, the small perforated paper kits are very often enjoyed by stitchers with only a little experience.

Each kit from The Nutmeg Company includes a pattern and instructions, perforated paper (pre-cut plastic canvas pieces for the more elaborate house and cottage models), a needle, chart and full instructions to help you piece it together. The Nutmeg Company also provide what they jokingly call an 'After-Sales Service'; offering advice and guidance for anyone new to 3-D work who's having a little too much trouble progressing...

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This is hardly the last time we'll be talking about The Nutmeg Company and their 3-D cross stitch kits, but we also want to turn the conversation over to you! Have you completed any of their multi dimensional designs, and if not, why? Let us know in the comments, and you can also share any completed projects with us on Facebook, through Twitter or via Google+, where our Cross Stitch Community is also always waiting to check out your work!

Post By Graham Ashton