A couple of times on this blog we've sung praise to those certain familiar faces who like to turn up on our cross stitch pieces. More often or not, it's classic children's characters who are the perfect catalysts to get the younger generation into needlecraft, but who still give us older embroiderers great joy to complete. For this entry, we want to do a little round up of all the endearing icons who give us endless fun to bring to life not just on cross stitch kits, but tapestry and long stitch too, time and time again.

Tatty Teddy
There'd be no better way to start a list than with the Universally recognized face of Tatty Teddy of the Me to You Bears collection. Synonymous with greeting cards, since 1987 our favourite patched up pal has also appeared on plush toys, figurines, mugs and, of course, a wide variety of crafting goods. Aside from his overall adorable-ness, what makes him so appealing is despite a largely prominent head, his eyes are tiny and his mouth even more so (in fact you can' even see it!). He's a cuddly creation of quality design we never seem to tire of threading.

Timmy the Sheep from Timmy TimeImage of Timmy With Love Cross Stitch KitImage of Timmy Baaah! Cross Stitch KitImage of Timmy Birth Cross Stitch KitJust in case you weren't familiar with the continuity revolving around this smiling little sheep, Timmy is the cousin of the wooly main character from Aardman Animation's Shaun The Sheep (itself a spin-off from Wallace and Gromit). He's frequently getting into and out of trouble, and is a popular favourite for birth samplers and early age cross stitch kits. We simply can't resist cracking a smile every time we finish sewing any new design to feature this modern day star of children's silent comedy.

Emily ButtonImage of Emily Button Cushion Panel Tapestry KitImage of Emily Button And Friends Cross Stitch KitImage of Emily Button's Portrait Tapestry KitLast July, the sweet natured little living rag doll Emily Button made her debut on Past Impressions, and since then her face has been a popular one both on the site and our social media outlets. Every little girl's best friend, she's always out on an adventure, solving problems with her friends Mousey & Bobble (a mouse and cat, respectively). Made from vintage fabrics, buttons and ribbons, Emily's creator Elaine Fields has really made a character and brand that can appeal to young crafters from around the world, one who's journey we're very happy to be a part of.

BoofleImage of Boofle Cupcakes Cross Stitch KitImage of Boofle Wedding Sampler Cross Stitch KitImage of Boofle Gardening Cross Stitch KitRelatively new to our needlecraft store, Boofle appeals to the every interest and habit of your average crafter, including but not limited to, gardening and desserts. He's everything a snugglesome pup should be: loveable and cuddly, and a best friend to everyone. The designs featuring Boofle from DMC Creative range from bookmarks to commemorative wedding patterns, and all brandished with his smiley face and darling innocence.

Hello KittyImage of Hello Kitty Chunky Cross Stitch Cushion KitImage of Hello Kitty Balloons Birth Record KitImage of Hello Kitty Birth Record Cross Stitch KitThis little feline needs no introduction. Arguably one of the world's most well known brands, the Japanese made but London based Hello Kitty is famous for her face appearing on virtually every collectible item conceivable. We previously featured her on the blog, noting her history and long lasting appeal, but in short it all comes down to her minimalist art style, appeal to girls of all ages (indeed, through all their ages) and how easily her furry face translates to cross stitch.

Peter RabbitImage of Peter Rabbit Latch Hook Rug KitImage of Peter Rabbit Mini KitImage of Time For Snuggles Cross Stitch KitA sentimental favourite to many, including us, being able to cross stitch Beatrix Potter's timeless character gives us an unparalleled joy. Probably the most enduring name on this list, since his first tale was published in 1902 Peter Rabbit has been passed down from one generation to another for as long as we can remember. The distinctive art style, accurately reflective of his time period, is as heart warming as the stories he stars in. You can't help but be filled with a desire to read them as you cross each stitch his little blue jacket,

GorjussImage of Gorjuss The Foxes Cross Stitch KitImage of Gorjuss Ruby Cross Stitch KitImage of Gorjuss New Heights Cross Stitch KitA modern and mesmerizing collection of crafts to appeal to today's lass, the Gorjuss range comes from multi-award winning stationary and gift company Santoro London. Since it's unveiling in 2010, these stylish young girls have appeared on products in over 42 countries, including a selection of seasonal and sassy litlle cross stitch kits. Even if you're totally unfamiliar with Gorjuss, the art and colour alone should be enough to make you want to pick out a chart and get your needle out.


We don't shy away from a bit of friendly competition, and would love to crown one of these 7 nominees our absolute favourite cross stitch character, as chosen by the fans and customers of Past Impressions. Let us know which one you enjoy embroidering the most either in the comments below, on our Facebook and Google+ pages or through Twitter. If you're looking for inspiration for other pop-culture characters to translate onto Aida, our Cross Stitch Community is bound to be full of ideas!


Post By Graham Ashton