At Past Impressions, the doors are always open for suppliers who have knack for reshaping the traditional tropes we love so much into all new, contemporary patterns. StitchKits, a London based embroidery company, have this combination of schools both new & old down to a tee, with many cross stitch kits most lovely. Their emphasis on colour and design makes every product of theirs a classic.

What makes this range of embroidery goodness by cross stitch designer Ruth Caig so intriguing is her focus on the presentation of the finished kits. We've written before on what can be done with a completed cross stitch pattern, but with StitchKits, the display potential is reached even before the thread's in your needle.. There's a careful emphasis on the packaging of the products, from the images that show each pattern on an easel sitting next to a lovely bunch of flowers, to the ribbon decorated bag they're sold in.

But what of the actual designs themselves? One that definitely deserves our attention is the barrier braking Real Men Cross Stitch Kit. We've long been proponents of this fundamental philosophy in crafting on our blog; that the beauty of fabric is no judge of sex, and we're so glad you can now have just the right sampler to proclaim such a sentiment. 

Another cross stitch sampler essential to a happy sewing home is the Welcome Key Cross Stitch Kit. Unlike its real life counterpart would never dream of misplacing this wondrous pattern once completed. The perfect way to make a stranger feel welcome in your abode, it's traditional blackwork embroidery is second only to the alphabet chart provided to personalise it with your own address.

We hope to bring you more magic from StitchKits in the coming months. In the meantime, you can see more of their wondrous cross stitch kits over at their website, Meanwhile, keep up with all the cross stitch and embroidery madness here at home with our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Graham Ashton