image of Lily Set Of 3 Cross Stitch Kits

Out of all the many wondrous craft suppliers and designers we've featured on the blog, one has escaped our praises for far too long. With so many of their stellar cross stitch kits filling the homes of crafters all over the world, we surely could not go another post forward without paying due diligence to the long-running, continuously surprising work of Heritage Crafts.

Based in Staffordshire, but with dedicated stockists located all around the globe, It's easy distinguish a Heritage Craft counted cross stitch kit when you see it. Rather than coming from a team of anonymous designers, their huge range of patterns feature the work of talented artists like John Clayton, Peter Underhill, Valerie Pfeiffer and Sue Hill among many others. Their aim is to provide kits not only for the standard cross stitch market, but to both men and women, adults and children, those with a refined taste and even those who love a little humour in what they choose to stitch.

The very first time you see one of their designs, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the the breathtaking detail and originality of the various cross stitch kits from this stalwart supplier that we house on our site. Their subjects include scenic stills from nature - featuring all manner of familiar critters from Deers and Dolphins - a vast array of vehicular history, and a Christmas range that will add new meaning to the holidays.

image of Deer Park Cross Stitch Kit

And, though we seem to mention them in virtually every blog post now, their evergrowing and ever-lovely cross stitch kits that make up the Elegance Collection continue to charm us every time. The work of illustrator and designer John Clayton, from full body scenes to small close up portraits, there's a heavy culture and class embedded into these pieces, one that could only come from a quality maker of fine embroidery.

From wonderful card kits that make every occasion to gorgeous floral snapshots of nature, we wait on bated breath for every new addition to our growing collection of cross stitch designs from Heritage Crafts. It's great to see a company who understand what makes the needlecraft-form special, yet can give it new life in a modern era.

We'd like to know which of their designs have become favourite of yours, especially the ones recommended to friends, family and fellow cross stitchers. You can let us know in the comments, or likewise share finished patterns on our Facebook page, with us on Twitter or through Google+, where we have a thriving and always popular cross stitch community who'd love to take a look.

Post By Graham Ashton