Sometimes it's nice to sit back, have a think, and try to put together just what makes Christmas so dear to us. Of course for many there's the religious heritage of the season, yet so many comparatively recent traditions push on through like Santa, Snowmen, Tree Decorations, Mulled Wine, Family and OH MY SO MANY TOYS!

Well, whichever makes the holidays a holiday for you, it's all somehow encapsulated by the wonder of cross stitch. When identifying a pattern that is definitively a Christmas piece, again, we look at how our lives influence the designs, and visa versa. We work like Santa all year long on a piece that best depicts the perfect Christmas morning - but is that we're ultimately hoping to experience? Well, enough of this chicken-and-egg talk on the philosophy of sewing! We have new products to share with you!

This week we're looking at pure decorative cross stitch patterns. Photo-realistic, intricate and exciting to make and look at, the first comes from Heritage Crafts, whose take on the hallowed holiday ranges from humorous animal designs to stunning picturesque images that hint a little at the abstract.

This Christmas Cottage Cross Stitch Kit, shown above, includes subtle embellishments like a decorated tree and christmas lights, yet they're hardly the first thing your notice. Just so you know, this particular pattern is on special offer at Past Impressions till the end of September. Even if you don't see yourself completing it in time for December 25th, grab it now and save it for the following year...

Image of Toy Shoppe Cross Stitch KitImage of A Kiss For Snowman Cross Stitch KitImage of The Stockings Were Hung Cross Stitch Kit

We'd go so far as to say, when it comes to Christmas, creating heart-warming designs that get the Yuletide cheer going is a speciality of Dimensions. Their designs often go for iconography that's recognizable at a glance, yet are rendered highly original with twists and emotional facets. Whether it's a heart-warming Snowman bursting with charm, an anticipative display of stockings or a hushed Santa hiding a big Christmas secret, only a true grinch would pass up giving these patterns a go.

Last but by heavens no means least, the usual intricacy of Maia's embroidery kits bring out the true beauty in Christmas. Featuring a number of patterns by the late legendary painter of light and pastoral art Thomas Kinkade, these brimming Christmas landscapes, again, use more subtle injections of snow, lights and life to help turn a simple bucolic piece into an undeniable Christmas image.

On our next bit of early Christmas buzz, the Past Impressions blog will be bringing along our favourite hanging decorations that one can make. In the meantime, good luck with getting those patterns done before the big day!

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Post By Graham Ashton