When there's a true passion and love for crafts behind a designer's work, it really shows. From the overall range of products, to the idea at the core of every cross stitch kit, we love bringing in patterns and pieces that embody all the things we love best in a beloved bit of embroidery; and Little Dove Designs definitely have the right take on traditional meets contemporary in their wonderful collection of samplers.

Producing highly unique cross stitch kits, all emphasising warm feelings and celebrations, all the designs and products from Little Dove come from Faye Walsh; a Business graduate who retained an interest in crafts through a career in finances, before finally developing into into a business that supplies many forms of needlework, from crotchet to cross stitch.

On her website, she writes:

"I discovered Samplers about 20 years ago and loved the idea of stitching an heirloom, a personalised work to mark a special moment in time or a subject close to your heart."

Clear to see by the eclectic choice of wedding, anniversary and newborn cross stitches, the kits of Little Dove Designs surround the special days of our lives with vintage borders and decoration, nicely contrasting colours, and a style unmistakeably cross-stitch.

The designs that don't commemorate an occasion, meanwhile, celebrate the little things worth celebrating. Whether its an assortment of colourful desserts for the cupcake devotee, or charming messages to greet the loving dog, cat or home-owner, each one is marked by a consistency that's not marred by overcomplicated stitching.

We look forward to seeing some more additions from this exciting maker of  cross stitch, and very much hope you are too. If there are particular favourites amongst the selection, let us know in the comments. If you've gone ahead and completed any, share them with us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter at all haste!

Post By Graham Ashton