In the last entry of the Past Impressions blog, we started our kid-friendly countdown of the top 50 Children's Cross Stitch Kits. These are the patterns that are loved by little ones regardless of whether they are given the finished design, or given the chance to complete it themselves. Having whooshed through the first fifteen in the list, we now find ourself at numbers 34-21, with plenty of classic cross stitch charts in tow.

Remember that these choices are compiled by sorting through the most popular products on Past Impressions, patterns beloved to our own Cross Stitch Community and just a few of our own personal favourites. Anyway, without further adieu...

34 - Santa's Toys Stocking Cross Stitch Kit

There's nothing quite like getting a homemade stocking, and it's a pure Christmas fact that those made from cross stitch kits are the loveliest of them all. This Dimensions pattern is perfect homage to the holiday spirit, with plenty of classic toys and festive cheer within its humble design.

33 - A Treasured Time Cross Stitch Kit

Keeping the festive fun going, our next pattern also comes from Dimensions, and features a cosy little winter scene in the midst of its white Christmas. Children sledding and decorated houses are just two of the merry things we love about this children's Christmas cross stitch kit...

32 - Lola Cross Stitch Kit

Anchor have always been keen to get generation after generation into cross stitch, and this magical pattern from their 1st range of kids cross stitch kits is a very helpful starting point. A stand out design that leads to a very charming finished piece, for any young girl wishing for something magical, we highly recommend this pattern.

31 - Paddington Bear Colours Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

From the brilliant Bothy Threads, the always welcomed Paddington Bear arrives to help needlecrafters both young and old improve their skills. Using different coloured lettering, backstitch and a few french knots, this is the best way to tackle the harder parts of cross stitch whilst ending up with a lovely finished pattern starring everyone's favourite blue hatted bear!

30 - Popcorn Bear Alphabet Kit

We've no shortage of cross stitch kits starring beloved bear characters on Past Impressions, nor designs that help with learning the all-important alphabet. Here, Popcorn Bear brings a big bundle of gifts for a newborn, so that they may be lovingly displayed in his or her's new nursery.

29 - A Kiss For Snowman Cross Stitch Kit

One of our unabashed favourite children's cross stitch kits, what's not to love about this charming snowman and the wonderful wintry detail of the pattern overall? Being filled with plenty of great colour and true Christmas warmth, only a true grinch could pass up on this delightful festive pattern.

28 - History Timeline Cross Stitch Kit

The great thing about cross stitch is it can be both a fun and rewarding past time and a great educational tool. This humorous pattern from Bothy Threads is a great example in this regard, taking us through the origin of the Earth, through the highlights of English history and right into the modern day.

27 - Into the Woods Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

The quintessential teddy bear's picnic cross stitch, Vervaco present a wondrous woodland setting that it ideal for welcoming a newborn cub into the home! Made for display in the nursery or bedroom, it features little tiny spaces for the infant's name, date of birth and birth weight.

26 - Gorjuss Ruby Cross Stitch Kit

This is the most popular cross stitch kit on our website among Bothy Threads hugely popular Gorjuss collection. Beloved by ladies both young and old, this pattern highlights everything we love about this range; it's stylish, full of character and incredibly cute too.

25 - Noah's Ark Card 3D Cross Stitch Kit 

Whilst most of The Nutmeg Company's cross stitch kits are for the more experienced embroiderers, this Noah's Ark card is a terrific handmade gift idea for a child's birthday. Capturing the fun behind one of the most beloved children's stories, the 3D effect on this cross stitch card is exactly what you'd expect from this highly accomplished and creative company.

24 - Popcorn Bear - First Steps Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

image of Popcorn Bear - First Steps Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Popcorn Bear makes his second appearance on this list, however this time in a more appropriate age to welcome a lovely little newborn. Capturing that first milestone awaited by every parent, the gorgeous illustration is surrounded with a beautifully coloured border on a fabulously sized canvas.

23 - Jemima Puddle Duck Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

We were sad to see Anchor discontinue their range of Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit cross stitch kits, but thankfully we still have this wonderful pattern starring the beloved Jemima Puddle Duck. A birth sampler featuring the one of literature's most beloved mother hens (or rather, ducks...), it's beautifully made for a newborn's nursery wall.

22 - Teddy Bear Gathering Cross Stitch Kit 

A beautiful first Christmas gift idea that highlights why Dimensions' gold collection is so favoured among cross stitchers, this teddy-filled pattern uses a remarkable colour pallet to give the experienced stitcher the perfect, fun-filled challenge.

21 - Bruno in The Kitchen Kit

This is the sixth and last bear-filled cross stitch kit for this entry in our countdown, but what a way to finish! Whilst Bruno alone is one of our favourite regularly embroidered characters, seeing him in the kitchen with an adorable chef's hat is a near overload of cross stitch cuteness!

On our next instalment of the Top 50 Children's Cross Stitch Kits, we'll begin wrapping things up by going through numbers 20 - 11, leaving us ready for the top 10 in the final entry. If you have any particular patterns you're hoping to see make an appearance, let us know through the Past Impressions Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Graham Ashton