Today, we're continuing to wind down the vast tapestry that is Past Impression's top 100 cross stitch kits countdown. As expected, many of the same themes and motifs cropped up in our previous instalment, with a few new ones (like fantasy and 3D cards) continuing into the next part: numbers 59-40. As before, these are compiled from a combination of statistics on our most popular site products, social media favourites and one or two of our personal choices. Without further adieu:

59 - Autumn Fairy (Fall Fairy) Cross Stitch Kit
Seasons and sorcery go hand in hand, as this pattern by Dimensions demonstrates perfectly. Rich red and oranges, great illustration and a swirling mix of magic lead to one astounding piece that any fantasy or fairy fan simply can't pass over.

58 - Mirabelle If Only Cross Stitch Kit A rather new arrival to Past Impressions, the Mirabelle collection of kits come from the same contemporary designer as the much enjoyed Gorjuss series of charts. We see this range becoming just as popular, particularly with patterns such as the one above, which has a Tim Burton-esque style to it, one that can easily apply to young adult embroiderers.

57 - Rose Fairy Cross Stitch Kit This pattern is a classic on our site, and definitely one of our personal picks. What we love about it is it's left to the sewers imagination to determine whether she's a little girl in a fairy costume, or perhaps the real deal. It's a highly detailed piece that takes three of our most beloved subjects; flowers, little girls and fairies, and puts them together in an unforgettable piece.

56 - Noah's Ark Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit
Arguably the story most enjoyed by children, the depiction of Noah's ark and the numerous animals aboard it makes for this superb baby birth sampler pattern. It shows the vessel of wild seafarers sailing above the little one's name and date of birth.

55 - Golden Wedding Anniversary Cross Stitch Kit
This is as traditional as cross stitch kits can get, a style which is the undisputed specialty of Little Dove Designs. If a fellow crafter of yours reaches that milestone mark in their marriage, then there's really no better choice than this 50th anniversary sampler.

54 - Easter in The Cotswolds 3D Cross Stitch Kit
The 3D model cross stitch kits by The Nutmeg company are jaw dropping every time, and this is certainly one of our best picks. A cosy little cottage with little detailing on the flowers and roof, its great for any needlecrafter who's feeling a little confined by their current dimension of stitching.

53 - Sewing Sampler Cross Stitch Kitimage of Sewing Sampler Cross Stitch KitA cross stitch just for the sewing fans (though it could be argued that every pattern is too). Seeing all our favourite items scattered about on a sampler in a manner similar to our sewing room is great, as are the colourful buttons that embellish the design.

52 - Baby Animals Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit
There's so much that can be done with the birth sampler, but anytime you mix in animals and a bit of cartoony illustration, you've got a winner. No nursery or playroom should be without this pattern and the cute creates gathered around it.

51 - Louisa Cross Stitch Kit
The very latest in the Elegance collection by the one and only John Clayton, Louisa encompasses the height of high class and sophistication. It feels like it comes right from a modern day fairy tale, and will appease greatly anyone after some fine portraiture cross stitch.

50 - Golden Anniversary Card 3D Cross Stitch KitWe are happy to hold up The Nutmeg company for the amazing quality of their wedding anniversary cross stitch kits, and this one to mark a 50th year is beyond exquisite. The beautiful border, double layering and colours can barely be done justice by this photo.

49 - Snow Globe Christmas Card 3D Cross Stitch KitA second sterling card set by The Nutmeg Company, one to craft for the Winter months and the warm fire of Christmas. The 3D effects works nicely for the snowglobe, and the picturesque snowy village inside makes us already yearn for it to be December again. 

48 - Tender Moment Wedding Sampler Cross Stitch Kit
If after a high level of sophistication in a wedding sampler, this pattern delivers it with photo-quality detail and heavy intimacy in its coupled subjects. The sepia-tone colouring helps it to really stand out, not just among wedding samplers, but every cross stitch kit as well.

47 - Green Tea Cup & Flowers Cross Stitch Kit
Every time we see this pattern, we're inspired to use our entire range of tea cups as flower pots - clearly that's the better usage! It's a quaint and quirky piece that is ideal for kitchen display or to collect as part of a set.

46 - In These Hands Kit
Like the Tender Moment Wedding Sampler, beautiful sepia tones help deliver this stunning cross stitch kit; one that adds a graceful touch to the classic wedding sampler. The image of a tiny newborn in full grown hands is a time-honoured symbol of the fragile nature of life, one that hits the soul of all of us.

45 - The Last Supper Cross Stitch Kit
Originally added due to high demand, this detailed cross stitch recreation of Da Vinci's masterpiece is a pattern not for the faint of heart. Measuring 56 by 130 centimetres, its easily one of our largest cross stitch kits. Challenging, sure, but what could possibly look as spectacular as the finished piece?

44 - Winter's Hush Cross Stitch Kit 
This image makes us feel as if we've travelled inside the snowglobe from the 3D card at #49! It's one of those fuzzy Christmas patterns that somehow evokes the unmistakable feeling of the holidays without any obvious iconography - just atmosphere.

43 - Georgina Cross Stitch Kit 
A lavish pattern even among the rest of the Elegance collection, Georgina features fine detail, dress and curls on an illustration infused with 100% pure vintage. A must-buy for any crafter of fine taste.

42 - Baby Powder Tatty Teddy Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit Welcome back Tatty Teddy! Appearing again in our countdown in yet another baby sampler, there's a uniquely lovable quality about this particular kit - something somewhat mischievous, yet innocent,

41 - A Favourite Place Cross Stitch Kit 
The significance of this piece is clear to any cat owner who's had to donate a portion of their home to a fussy feline. DMC deliver a homely pattern who's everyday appeal will be loved by anyone currently letting to a fussy and fuzzy occupant.

40 - Christmas Cup Cakes Cross Stitch Kitimage of Christmas Cup Cakes Cross Stitch Kit
Christmas cupcakes....need we say more?

Just one more entry from here and then we're into the top 10! Have any of your favourites not made the list so far? Share them with us in the comments, or via FacebookTwitter or Google+? If they're ones you've completed, then you can also share them around with our Cross Stitch Community.

Post By Graham Ashton