Welcome back to Past Impressions long threaded countdown of our top 100 cross stitch kits. The previous 20 in our list included birth samplers, photo-realistic wildlife illustrations and appearances from Tatty Teddy, all of which are likely to feature again but with (if you can believe it) even more astonishment. Once again drawn from our most popular site products, social media faves and a few personal picks, here's 79-60 of our centuplicate countdown:

79 - Ballerina Beauty Cross Stitch Kit 
Most depictions of single ballerinas like to portray this art form with dancing little girls in the most luscious of outfits. Whilst we don't deny the adorableness of a little angel in a tutu, we like kits such as this that show the readiness and preparation of a true professional dancer. Exquisitely prudent in its portraiture, Dimensions usual penchant for eye-popping illustration flies with as much grace as its light-footed central figure.

78 - Pop Corn Bear First Steps Birth Sampler Kit Now this is as cute as it gets. The littlest of all popcorn bear characters make a profoundly personal way to welcome an new little one into the world. This cross stitch kit comes complete with space in between the four infant teddies for the new baby's name and date of birth, and the entire pattern is encased in a dazzling border of stars and sparkles.

77 - Forever Friends Union Jack Mini Kit 
You can make and pocket your passion as a citizen of the United Kingdom with this lovely little cross stitch kit starring the always bashful Forever Friends bears. We'd certainly love to know where you can pick up a tapestry kit for that heart shaped pillow he's holding, but right now we're more than happy embroidering this little scene of patriotic spirit.

76 - St. Basil's Cathedral - Moscow Kit 
St. Basil's Cathedral is engrained into the public image of every generation. Even if you haven't seen this marvellous structure or don't quite realize its significance, that won't stop your finger from itching to sew this considerably more complex cross stitch kit. From Riolis, the pattern uses woollen/acrylic thread, helping to enhance the definition of the image, and give tired crafters something new to try out.

75 - Goddess of Prosperity Cross Stitch Kit  
Infused with the celestial power of the orient, this tour de force of nature from Maia is nearly irresistible to those with a disposition to contemporary takes on ukiyo-e artwork. The fluttering flowers and central figures mastery of the elements tell a superb story in of itself, one you can bring to life with each completed stitch.

74 - Love Heart Cross Stitch Kit This blossoming bouquet of love is a relatively newer addition to Past Impressions, one we're very glad to see went down splendidly on our social media pages. From Bothy Threads, this merry medley of petals, leaves and butterflies was designed by accomplished illustrator and artist Kim Anderson, who superbly creates a blooming, full image from many smaller details.

73 - The Synchronised Yawn Cross Stitch Kit 
Yawning may be contagious, but none of us can do so well as it cats! This trio of felines turn it into an Olympic event where they easily take the gold medal. Marvel at the incredible form and technique on their synchronised performance, and also at the wonderful illustration and humoured subject in this great kit by Heritage Crafts.

72 - Woodland Enchantress Kit 
A fantasy crafter's perfect cross stitch kit, this pattern by Dimensions carries a character with all the grace of any creation from Tolkien, Tanith Lee or Marion Bradley. Just notice the little touches like the way the seasons alter dramatically in the background or the patterned detail on the sorceresses' dress. A great piece to recommend to any crafter with a wide-eyed imagination.

71 - Viennese Waltz Cross Stitch Kit
We personally love any bit of embroidery that makes an attempt at an action shot, and few get it as right as these dancing images designed by John Clayton for Heritage Crafts. The Viennese Waltz in particular captures the most dramatic part of this iconic routine, with it almost comic-book like flashy background to help your mind move the dancers along.

70 - Baby Girl Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit 
Another gorgeous birth sampler, one stamped with its own unique design and adorable nature. It's jam packed with everything a growing little girl will need, including a pram, toy blocks, a teddy bear and little socks, these along with the cute letter will let it sit pretty in any newborn's nursery or playroom.

69 - Purple Fairy at Twilight Kit 
Another pattern for anyone who enjoys rich fantasy-based designs, the purple fairy is a rich embodiment of feminine beauty; both captivating and dignified. The scattering of flowers along the top of the illustration, and rich purple shades should make anyone in touch with nature want to start working through those wings.

68 - Bride & Groom Deluxe Card 3D Cross Stitch KitOne of our personal favourite uses of 3D in a cross stitch card, The Nutmeg Company's signature technique has created possibly the best wedding memento you're likely to find. The effect is easy to imagine: the fold in the card and cut-out of the bride creates a negative space between her and the husband-to-be, allowing the viewer to use a quick change in perspective to march the lady down the aisle, putting the newly-weds side by side.

67 - Yellow Rose 1930's Lady Kit 
Part of a series of elegance infused 1930's lady's portraits from Vervaco, this takes the signature style of the age and masterfully crafts it around yellow roses. The contrast in colours, vintage appeal and fashionable inclination produces a pattern embellished with grace and a fine feature face.

66 - Santa Claus Tablecloth Cross Stitch Kit 
We'll always be a bit predisposed to Christmas cross stitch kits, and those with a practical application. Therefore, this Santa Claus tablecloth kit is an unmissable festive treat, guaranteed to please visiting family and friends who greatly admire fine holiday decoration, and homemade haberdashery.

65 - Boats At Walberswick Cross Stitch Kit 
Amongst the many cross stitch beach scenes and seaside harbours, this rustic, time worn image is able to stand out with character all its own. An image taken from the Suffolk coastal village of Walberswick, DMC Creative put their stamp onto the pattern's vast sense of scale and timely wonder.

64 - Spirit of Summer Butterfly Cross Stitch Kit 
A very recent addition to Past Impressions, this up close shot of a butterfly is the perfect crafting piece for any wildlife enthusiast. Helping it to stand out further is the plain aida cloth background, and full shaped pattern lining the insect's wings.

63 - Apache Wedding Blessign Small Kit 
A rather unique piece in terms of subject, this culturally rich wedding piece turns its eyes to the philosophy and traditions of the Apache, The blessing reads:"Now you will feel no rain for each of you will be shelter for the other.Now you will feel no cold for each of you will be warmth for the other.Now there is no more loneliness. Now you are two persons but there is only one life before you.May your days together be good and long upon the earth."Beautiful words that speak for themselves...

62 - Sleeping With Teddy Bear Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit
There's a lot of teddy bear-themed birth samplers in this list, but frankly, we'd be happy if it were nothing but. This sepia toned pattern by Vervaco adds a touching mix by having a child themselves be part of the central subject, sleeping whilst the two playful teddy bears watch over him.

61 - Love Birds Cross Stitch Kit image of Love Birds Cross Stitch Kit
'Love birds' often refers to a perfect pair of romantics, but in this pattern it also applies to one with a deep fondness for our feathered friends. Another piece designed by talented illustrator Kim Anderson, this pattern's highly recommended for the home that harks for the sweet sound of a lark, and for crafters who love a harmonious mix of colour and wildlife.

60 - Kitten Playing Cross Stitch Kit
And three, two, one: "AWWWWW!". How else could one react to this purrfectly adorable kitty, one that no fanatical about felines can pass over. Our final kit for this instalment, DMC deliver yet again with this unabashed tribute to the cat crazy in all of us.

As we move up further to highest ten spots on our top 100, we want to know your personal favourite cross stitch kits. You can share them with us in the comments, or via FacebookTwitter or Google+? If they're ones you've completed, then you can also share them around with our Cross Stitch Community.


Post By Graham Ashton