We return on the Past Impressions blog to our continuing countdown of the best cross stitch kits and embroidery patterns circling out little site. We've already counted off a fair few of our favourites, and yet there's still so many memorable patterns that we've been happy to revisit. Full of samplers, commemorative wedding designs and culturally rich pieces, here's numbers 3 - 20 of our Top 100 Cross Stitch Kits:

39 - Ducklings With Daisies III Cross Stitch KitWhilst we just missed the boat to post this blog up for Easter Sunday, we were fondly reminded of this lovely pattern when we shared it again to a positive reception on our Facebook Page. With so much attention paid to Bunnies, eggs and the religious traditions of Easter, it's nice to see the under appreciated icon of the holiday, the humble ducky, get its due in such a delightful design.

38 - Golden Wedding Cross Stitch Card Kit
Celebrating another golden wedding anniversary cross stitch kit is something we're more than happy to partake in. This one lies at the heart of the traditional, with beautiful embroidered 'hand-writing style' text and a nice white border. Like the embroiderers equivalent of a medal, it's patch-like appearance is the perfect way to congratulate a longstanding couple.

37 - My Family Tree Cross Stitch Kit family tree
Branching out among the plain old cross stitch samplers, this astonishing family tree kit lets you piece together the tapestry, so to speak, of your ancestry. Perfect for welcoming a new baby into a loving household, or to commemorate the life of an elder, this beautiful pastel pattern shows what great little things can come from such small seeds.

36 - The Castle Inn 3D Cross Stitch Kit 
The Nutmeg Company are able to take cross stitch kits and turn them into things we never thought possible. This Castle Inn is a brilliant demonstration of their astonishing design; bearing the fine detail of any well-made DIY model. This half timbered country inn is easier to make than it appears, and once you've finished construction you'll definitely want to see out more in the collection.

35 - Periwinkle Box 3D Cross Stitch Kit
Staying in the 3D world a bit longer, we're absolutely in love with this Periwinkle Box from The Nutmeg Company. The floral pattern strung around the outside of the box, the mix of green and blues - who could resist it? Whether you end up using it for jewellery, craft supplies or something more casual, making your own little box just adds a level of sentimentality.

34 - Wedding Word Cross Stitch KitA continuously popular product on the Past Impressions site, there's few ways better than this to mark the big day for a special couple. All the bells and whistles of a glorious wedding are dotted around this wonderfully worded pattern, with the cherry on top being the extravagant cake that takes the place of the 'i'.

33 - Dressing The Tree Santa House 3D Cross Stitch KIt image of Dressing the Tree Santa House 3D Cross Stitch Kit
To move back into 3D kits just briefly, we couldn't imagine anything to get us more in a festive spirit than this cheery Santa home. With the best colours of the holiday and the holiday, the big man himself and a gazing reindeer, it'll make a pretty good stocking filler and even better Christmas tree decoration.

32 - Alphabet Birth Cross Stitch Record Kitimage of Alphabet Birth Cross Stitch Record Kit
The alphabet is a Universal symbol for the growing child's mind, which is probably why it reappears so much on cross stitch birth records and baby samplers. This one by Dimensions is colourful and with pictures to match, with your little one's name centre-pieced for their nursery or bedroom.

31 - Sophia Miniature Cross Stitch Kit 
We've consistently had an entry from the Dimensions Elegance Collection by John Clayton in each part of our countdown, but as Sophia here demonstrates, it's possible to store such beauty even in small little packages. Perhaps the most stunning out a range of miniature versions of these lavish ladies there's still a bountiful amount of detail and colour in this pocket-sized purple-filled piece.

30 - From All My Heart Cross Stitch Kit
For Valentine's Day, an anniversary or any occasion where the romance is strong, you'll be on the right track by putting the special day in this heart shaped holder. If a lady knows her partner well enough to know he'd appreciate this as a gift, then that's great, though our great congratulations goes to the boyfriend or husband who takes up stitching in order to get this made for the most important person in his life.

29 - Mirabelle Butterfly Cross Stitch Kitimage of Mirabelle Butterfly Cross Stitch Kit
We're starting to see the Mirabelle brand and illustrations pop up everywhere. Whislt we're somewhat biased and predisposed to cross stitch, we still think it looks best when sewn together yourself! This has to be one of our favourites of the range, mixing contemporary fashion and artistic styles with a young-adult youthful look that's both captivating and incomparably cute.

28 - 18th Birthday Cross Stitch Kit 
A perfect way to welcome a young lady into her adult life, this 18th birthday embroidery pattern has the all the earmarks of a great birthday bash, but has a strong sentimental side to it too. No girl is ever too old to appreciate a handmade gift, and no card could ever compare to the homely touch that this kit bestows.

27 - The Mayflower Cross Stitch Kit
Part of an excellent collection of famous transport cross stitch kits by Heritage Crafts, out of all the classic ships, trains and planes, the legendary Mayflower sails in as our favourite. A true symbol of freedom brought to life in dramatic fashion, it'll end your search for a good gift for a history buff in an instant.

26 - Toy Shelf Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit 
This may be the most adorable birth record cross stitch kit - objectively! The toy shelf is unquestionably the best part of a child's bedroom, and what could be better than all those childhood friends welcoming a little baby into this world? Colourfully cartoonish and full of lively dolls and toy animals, it'll be a kit you'll want to keep long after the little one has grown up.

25 - Mackintosh Wedding or Anniversary Cross Stitch Kit
Very different from the many other wedding samplers and patterns we've showcased thus far, this one's art-deco style is perfect for the modern couple who want to free themselves from the (sometimes) overburdening traditions. A strong mix of colours and shapes adds a miniature compositional beauty to the names of two of the luckiest people in your world.

24 - Winter Morning Cross Stitch Kit Made available not too long ago on Past Impressions, this pattern served as a genuinely fond farewell to the serene beauty of the cold Winter months as we entered warmer times. Few have seen the rising sun bath its glow on the blanket snow of a picturesque farm such as this, which probably explains why this pattern has risen to become so popular.

23 - A Kiss For Snowman Cross Stitch KitWe wonder what even needs to be said about this one. It combines the best of winter time, Christmas and childhood into an adorable little image that you'll want to keep ready for decorating year after year. It's one of Dimensions most heart warming cross stitch kits, and one that we think that even the Grinch himself couldn't resist.

22 - Tatty Teddy Love Cross Stitch KitFor a minute there, you may have thought we'd have an entry of this countdown without Tatty Teddy - absolutely not! Our most beloved children's character bears a message from his big old heart for you to sew, and it looks terrific! Covered in a floral arrangement and easily capturing the charm of this adorable little guy, no fan of the Me To You Bears should be without it.

21 - Urban Moments Kit 
A culturally rich pattern that epitomizes the flair and rich vibe of New York City from those who live in its most vibrant parts. The landmarks of skyscrapers and the Brooklyn bridge are recognizable, but here they play second fiddle to a couple who live in the world's true home of jazz and street life.

20 - Words To Inspire Cross Stitch Kit 
And finally, a cross stitch kit that enriches the soul. By Dimensions, this pattern proudly displays the ideals 'Hope', 'Dream' and 'Inspire' to work you out of your monotonous funk and seize the day. You can also order this kit with an alternative chart to create the words 'Live, Laugh, Love' if those platitudes seem a little more appropriate to you.

Well, it's the big one next. Join us soon on the Past Impressions blog for the final instalment of our Top 100 Cross Stitch Kits, where we'll be counting down the best 20 pieces you'll ever see. If one of your favourites still hasn't shown up, you can 'place your bets', figuratively speaking, over at our Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Graham Ashton