As the days get colder in the run up to Christmas it can be difficult to decide upon a comfy cosy knit to make for family and friends. After years of possibly creating hundreds of different scarves and hats, this year why not experiment with a different design, by knitting a snood.

Knitting a snood

A fashion staple that is becoming more and more popular during our cold winter months, the snood is extremely versatile offering a scarf and a hood all in one. With many different designs and colours available you can make your snood as personal as you like to create the perfect gift for any loved one this Christmas. Follow these simple steps to learn how to knit a snood.

What You Will Need

  • Knitting Needles 10mm
  • 3 x 100g Chunky Yarn in any colour that you like
There are many different knitting patterns that make beautiful snoods but for beginners it is recommended that you start off with an easy pattern.

1.  Cast on 60 stitches2.  K2 P2 across the row3.  Repeat the row until you have reached the length that you require. Remember that the snood needs to loop around and attach to itself so always knit a few extra rows so that it hangs nicely around the neck. Too short and you won't be able to use it as a hood.4.  Cast off loosely whilst twisting as to not lose your stitches and sew in ends. Join using a mattress stitch.5.  Make sure you read the care instructions on the wool band for how to wash the snood.

And there you have it. A wonderful project that would make a fabulous gift for anyone this Christmas.

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