As the whole country digs into the worst of Winter's chill, we at Past Impressions feel there's no better way to keep those frosty fingers warm than by keeping them moving with a bit of knitting, crocheting or some other heartwarming craft form. Sometimes though you need a bit more of an idea of what to make than just your average blanket or cushion cover to ensure it sees you through the season, so we've gathered 5 of the knitting patterns and craft kits from our site here to hopefully thaw out the needlecraft supplies for another year.

#1 - Animal Sock Kits from Janlynn

Duke the Dog Sock Kit
Olive the Owl Sock Kit
Claire the Cat Sock Kit

One of the latest additions to our site, these charming little furry creatures are just a few colourful fabrics away from livening up your living space or child's bedroom. If your house is in short supply of odd socks, fear not, each of these kits comes with its own, along all the necessary stuffing and other crafting tools. Each of these kits is fun to make with your children (supervised, of course), and will leave you with a lively soft toy to keep well until the Spring and beyond.

#2 - Beanie's and Winter Headgear

When it comes to garbing your children appropriately, never discount the all important head. Particularly in children (who have a greater ratio of surface area relative to their body compared to adults) and adults who don't have a lot of hair, a lot of body heat can be lost through your noggin. Beanies and other knitted headgear are relatively simple to make, and have a wonderful handmade look that remains toasty and timeless year after year.

#3 - Doggie Knitting Toy, in Pink or Blue

Continuing the theme of cute handmade soft toys, these animal knitting patterns from Patons come with everything - wool, needles and instructions - needed to give you home its new best friend. Ideal for those less experienced with yarn and available in a choice of blue or pink, these gorgeous little guys are just right for cuddling up with whilst the nights are a bit nippy.

#4 - Humphrey's Corner Family Knitting Kits

humphreys corner knitting kits

One of our favourite line of knitting kits from last year, the range of patterns from Hunter's Crafts all star the charming family characters from Humphrey's Corner. Available either separately or as full collector's set, Humphrey, his sister, Lottie, and little baby brother, Jack, are all based on their creator's own children. Each features its own pattern to create an item of clothing for the little elephant, giving them an individual look to suit your own little one's.

#5 - Amigurumi Animals

Seeing our pechant for lovely crafted fabric animals to its logical conclusion, we present two books filled with both knitting and crochet patterns to create your very own handmade set. In Zoo AnImal Friends, you'll find 10 tiny cuties to bring to life, with an array of wearable mix-and-match accessories to ensure they're warm and wrapped up through the Winter. The Amamani Puzzle Balls Crochet Pattern Book meanwhile has 6 playful designs to make for a growing child to have fun assembling into a new animal friend.

Have you got any Winter knitting patterns or projects you've been working on to fend off the shivers? Let us know by sharing them with us on our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+!

Post By Graham Ashton