If you've been cross stitching for any length of time, it can feel like you've learned everything, seen every kind of kit and tried every kind of accessory - so where do you go?

We know that cross stitching is a creative journey that requires inspiration and imagination in order to seek out and complete your next project. With this in mind, Past Impressions have put together a selection of our more overlooked essentials that you need to own in order to stay ahead of the game and rediscover your passion.

The Victorian Tile Needle-Book 3D Cross Stitch Kit

Looking for a page turner with a cross stitching twist? This elegant, Victorian inspired needle-book is an essential and innovative way of keeping your needles secure and safe when you're putting your project on pause for another day...

DMC Mouline Etoile Collectors Tin with 35 threads

For the collector in all of us! This stunning Mouline Etoile tin comes with 35 threads of different colours, finished off with a unique sparkling effect that you won't be able to resist.

Peacock Embroidery Scissors

If you're serious about your needle craft pastime, you need a proper pair of scissors. This strikingly ornate pair of Peacock embroidery scissors are not only opulently designed by also come with high quality steel blades. You can even pair them with a matching pendant available at Past Impressions.


The Victorian Tile Scissor Case 3D Cross Stitch Kit

If you can't find a scissor case, why don't you make one yourself? This scissor sheath is an attractive way of preventing you from misplacing your favourite pair and looks great when coupled up with anything else from this Victorian themed range.

Goddess of Prosperity Cross Stitch Kit

If you don't know where to go with your cross stitch projects, we suggest going a little Far East. We've handpicked plenty of kits inspired by oriental cultures that feature stunning and iconic designs from Geishas to Japanese gardens and more symbolic and artistic choices to broaden your horizons.

Needlework Storage And Travel Roll

Completing cross stitch kits on the go? This storage and travel roll keeps your projects flat, protected and wrinkle-free - you can even store your accessories inside the tube as well!


2-In-1 Illuminated Hands Free Magnifier

Go hands-free and shed some light on the more fiddly aspects of your cross stitch project with this handy tool that illuminates your kit while offering 6x magnification.

7" Embroidery Hoop

Finally, this embroidery hoop with screw fixings will keep your project looking pristine and make your whole life easier while you're working away... What's not to love?

Post By Ed Mason