Whether you're sunning yourself in summer or wrapping up in winter, every season needs a little bit of cross stitch magic!

Allowing the changing of the seasons to shape your cross stitch vision for the year, is a beautiful way to keep your projects feeling fresh and in keeping with the theme of the natural surroundings.

Oftentimes creative inspiration can come from some fairly unlikely places but what happens if you're a little low on ideas? It's simple - go for something seasonal! Looking to the natural surroundings and allowing the vibrant colours of autumn or the euphoria of Spring infuse your cross stitch endeavours will bring focus, structure and life to your favourite hobby.

So if you're at a loose end project wise, Past Impressions give you some of our seasonal favourites for each of the four seasons!

Cafe In The Sun Cross Stitch Kit

Celebrate the summer or look forward to the warmer weather with this European cafe inspired cross stitch, drenched in sunlight and picturesque beauty.

Vienna Cross Stitch Kit

If you're struggling to find inspiration in the depths of winter, capture this scene of Vienna in your next cold weather cross stitch project...

Love Spring Cross Stitch Kit

Designed by Kim Anderson, this butterfly tree kit will put a Spring in your step!

Wise Owl Cross Stitch Kit

As the leaves begin to fall and the woods take on the look of autumn, celebrate the transitional feeling of fall with this majestic owl themed kit from Dimensions.

Poppy Landscape Cross Stitch Kit

At the first glimpse of summer, treat yourself to this poppy filled countryside landscape from Heritage Crafts.  

Flower Rain Fairy Cross Stitch Kit

When the winter melts away to reveal Spring, make it rain flowers with this mesmerising and magical choice. 

Coastal Winter Long Stitch Kit

The best way to experience the rawness of winter is next to the tumultuous coastlines, as depicted in this dramatic design from Derwentwater.

Beach Babies Cross Stitch Kit

If your childhood was spent by the sea, relive the memories with this 'Beach Babies' inspired kit. 

When Winter Wanes Cross Stitch Kit

Capture those magical, frost-dusted nights with this sparkling and mysterious kit inspired by the famous William Giles woodcut print.

Spring Butterflies Cross Stitch Kit

When Spring starts to bloom in all corners of your garden, celebrate its radiance with this botanical-meets-butterfly themed cross stitch from Maia.

Post By Ed Mason