When you're short on cross stitch ideas, sometimes you need to disappear into the wild to discover some much-needed inspiration...

Whether you're a cat lover, a dog person or completely horse-obsessed -taking home an animal-themed cross stitch kit is rather like bringing home a new pet that you'll nurture, get to know and show to all your friends and family!

To celebrate all things, furry, feathered, four-legged and everything in-between, we've handpicked a selection of the most popular creature comforts from our Animals & Wildlife cross stitch collection for you to fall in love with today.

Home Is Where The Cat Is Cross Stitch Kit

Because where else would you want to be? If you wanted a purrfect cross stitch kit to sum up your cat obsession, you've come to the right place.

Dachshound Cross Stitch Kit

If you've got a dachshund or always wanted one, this adorable kit will make any dog crazy cross stitcher's heart melt.

Jolly Robin Cross Stitch Kit

Whether it's winter or not, this bright red Jolly Robin will stand out on any wall you frame him on.

Wise Owl Cross Stitch Kit

A detailed, life-like and autumnal themed cross stitch kit that will keep you busy 'owl' day long.

Shu Shun Cat Cross Stitch Kit

Take home this fluffy feline doing exactly what she does best.

Cats And Biscuits Cross Stitch Kit

The cats just keep on coming in this list! Combine your two favourite passions: 1) cats, and 2) biscuits.

Home Is Where The Dog Is Cross Stitch Kit

If 'Home Is Where The Cat Is' doesn't cut it...

Kingfisher in Flight Cross Stitch Kit

Catch a glimpse of the elusive kingfisher , bursting out from the water with colour and light.

Breeze Through Mane Cross Stitch Kit

This striking, impressionistic piece is simply made for those that love to get out for a late night ride...

'The Individual' Sheep Cross Stitch Kit

Stand out from the crowd with this enigmatic sheep themed kit from the Heritage Crafts collection.

Post By Ed Mason