Easter is a holiday that has come to mean many different things, from its religious beginnings through to chocolate eggs and of course, the Easter Bunny!

The Easter bunny is something that may seem linked to the more modern traditions and indulgence of the Easter festivities, but its origins, in fact, stem back to 1682 and German folklore where an 'Easter Hare' would be the barer of Easter eggs, delivering them to children over the holiday period.

Hares and eggs originally had a range of different symbolic meanings that refer to fertility and the miraculous virgin birth, but now they're considered as much of an essential part of Easter that captures children's imaginations and satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth!

In the countdown to Easter, Past Impressions have put together a range of our favourite bunny themed cross stitch kits... So hop to it!

Bebunni - Butterflies Cross Stitch Kit

A hare-raisingly cute cross stitch design, depicting a fluffy bunny chasing a series of fluttering butterflies.

Bunny And Green Egg Easter Cross Stitch Card Kit

Send out some Easter greetings with this bunny rabbit cross stitch card kit featuring a furry friend surrounded by a selection of colourful eggs!

Bright Eyes Cross Stitch Kit

Keep it natural with this 'Bright Eyes' cross stitch kit featuring a gorgeous hare amongst a vivid bed of bluebells.


Bath Time Cross Stitch Kit

Get him ready for wash time with this adorable bunny rabbit cross stitch kit from Bothy Threads.

Woodland Bunny Cross Stitch Kit

Go for an Easter walk and you may bump into a woodland bunny!

Sew Simple Bunny Head Cross Stitch Kit

Give your children a project in the run up to Easter with this simple bunny and carrot cross stitch kit.

Bebunni - Sewn With Love Cross Stitch Kit

This cute little bunny loves to cross stitch as much as you do!

Peeping Cross Stitch Kit

Get ready for those sunny days in the garden with this peeping pal from Heritage Crafts.

Bebunni - Daisy Cross Stitch Kit

Look ahead to the sunnier months with this super Springtime favourite with a bright floral twist...

Bebunni - Me Time Cross Stitch Kit

Kick back and relax over the Easter break with this super cute cross stitch indulgence from Bothy Threads.

Post By Ed Mason