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Giving you complete control over the destiny of your design, Zenbroidery is the new craze sweeping the needlecraft world which is the art of free form stitching. Like the pages of a blank colouring book, designs are usually printed onto white cotton fabric in black to guide you with your own selection of embroidery bits and pieces. There are no rights or wrongs about completing a piece of zenbroidery as everything goes! The patterns can be stitched with different types of stitches, and embroidered with craft cord, embroidery floss, yarns or stranded cotton threads, you can also add beads, sequins and other trims to make a truly personal, one of a kind creation!

As big fans of Zenbroidery at Past Impressions we have got an extensive selection of Zenbroidery kits from Design Works with differing designs that are sure to excite and let your imagination run wild!

Zenbroidery Fabric Packs

All of the designs in the fabric packs are very much based around peace and love, the feeling that is definitely achieved when you become engrossed in needlecraft! For the dreamer in all of us, this Dreamcatcher design is the perfect intricate design to get stuck into, and it's completely up to you how you choose to interpret this dream! We also love the Bee Happy design that would make a fantastic present for someone once finished, or as a gentle reminder for yourself when the going gets tough! Each design contains a series of intricate details, with winding and floral designs that will look great once filled with colour, sequins, beading, and whatever else you have lying around!


Trim Packs

Once you've got your chosen Zenbroidery pack you just need the trims and embellishments to help you transform a blank canvas. We have a great selection of different trim packs suitable for any type of design you have in mind, including a brights trim pack with lots of gorgeous vibrant colours, a jewel tones pack and more - all complete with some super sparkly sequins too!


Zenbroidery Packs - Fabric Designs & Threads

We also do a range of Zenbroidery fabric pack sets which include a range of fabric designs and threads that make great present ideas for beginners to Zenbroidery, providing you with everything that you need to create something truly magical! The Zenbroidery super set is a favourite of ours which includes 6 fabric packs and the jewel tone and brights stranded cotton trim packs and the 36 skein cord pack. We can't promise that you won't be addicted to zenbroidery by the end though...

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For anyone who enjoys needlecraft, zenbroidery really is the perfect escape from reality that offers peace and relaxation, something that you're only a few stitches away from reaching with a Zenbroidery fabric pack! If you're still interested to learn about the art of Zenbroidery more, this Youtube video is certainly worth a watch which shows you how it's done in a very simple, easy to watch and addictive video! You can view our full range of Zenbroidery products here. Have you tried your hand at Zenbroidery yet? Do let us know on our Facebook Page,Twitter and over at Google+!

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