The terrific thing about cross stitch, and embroidery in general, is it has no age limit. Engaging with this highly rewarding hobby and working on sewing skills sooner rather than later may have a profound effect on the little one's future. After the great feedback we received for our Top 100 Cross Stitch Kits countdown last year, we've decided to do a similar list of the best children's cross stitch kits; patterns that are made easy enough for little embroidering hands, or that appeal to boys and girls of all ages. Compiled from the most popular products on our site, cross stitch community favourites and a little of our own choice, we present the first 15 patterns of our Top 50 Children's cross stitch kits!

50 - Toots - My Blue Nose Friends Cross Stitch Starter Kit

Part of the extended My Blue Nose Friends series (from the same company that brought you the ever popular Tatty Teddy cross stitch kits), Toots is a quick-to-stitch project with an adorable little buddy with with to start any crafting adventure.

49 - Rock Cross Stitch Kit

The ideal cross stitch kit for any budding little Buddy Holly, this pattern from the Anchor 1st series is great for musically minded children who want something to decorate their little studio.

48 - Bunny And Green Egg Cross Stitch Card Kitkids cross stitch kit

With Easter just around the corner, we thought now would be a great time to reintroduce this popular children's pattern. Colourful, cartoony and featuring every child's dream-sized Easter egg, it's a simple yet fun design for any kid who adores this holiday.

47 - It's Nice Being A Bear Cross Stitch Kit 

A Paddington bear cross stitch kit that's new to our site but already quite popular, the words and illustration are as quintessentially Paddington as his iconic blue coat and red hat.

46 - Frog Long Stitch Kit

Though it's technically a long stitch kit, the big green smile of this lillypad leaping frog won us over enough to give him an honorary spot on the list. A great introduction to this particular form of needlecraft, and a superb bedroom/nursery decoration too.

45 - Cat in Hat Cross Stitch Kit

This adorable cross stitch kit from the 'Little Darlings' range from Heritage Crafts takes a more literal approach to the classic children's literature character. In doing so we get a little bundle of furry adorableness, with its lavish bonnet just perfect for a child's room.

44 - Sew Simple Love Grows Cross Stitch Kit

A profoundly metaphorical children's cross stitch kit for growing a little one's ability and love for needlecraft, the simple colours and 11 count fabric make this Fat Cat Cross Stitch pattern one of our most highly recommend pattern for absolute beginners.

43 - Bee Cross Stitch Kit

The big, beady smile on this beard is ideal for any child with a buzzing interest in both needlecraft and insects. Great for birthdays or Christmas, this kit also features a unique cardboard mounting frame to display it once all his black & yellow stripes are complete!

42 - Toy Shop Window Cross Stitch Kit

A gorgeous pattern to make for your child, one that will build up that Christmas excitement  (not that you really have to!). A quaint pattern that explores the little joys of the holiday season, the exceptional detail and charming design have all the hallmarks of a quality cross stitch kit from DMC.

41 - Baby Hippo 123 Cross Stitch Kit 

The first cross stitch kit in the list made for the littlest of needlecraft fans, this smiling hippo is here to teach young ones their numbers with the help of a singing bird pal. There's space underneath for a name of your choosing, displayed in colourful bunting.

40 - Puppy Cross Stitch Starter Kit

You'd be hard pressed to find a child who doesn't like puppies, and for anyone who's mastered their needlecraft basics this lovely little retriever will be a suitable next leg up. An 'awww'-inducing pattern from Anchor that's awash with lots of colour and beautiful floral design.

39 - Sew Simple Sheep Cross Stitch Kit

This fluffy little fellow is the perfect wooly friend for little ones to begin working in cross stitch kits that test their understanding of using various threads - without ramping up the difficulty. A clear, simple and easy to complete pattern that's fun to sew from green top to pink bottom.

38 - The Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy Cross Stitch Kit

Fairies are an inseparable part of many young girl's (and even some boy's) childhoods, and you can be sure there will be plenty throughout this top 100. The first featured Flower Fairy is a fantastic spirit of spring that looks like it's flown straight out of the pages of your favourite fantasy story.

37 - Hello Kitty Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit

One of the most beloved children's characters, Hello Kitty's cute, simple design was a natural fit for cross stitch kits. This birth record pattern takes a classic image of this lovely cat and surrounds her with a welcoming space for a newborn's name and date of birth.

36 - The Snowman Flying With Stars Cross Stitch Kit

The moment children are introduced to Raymond Briggs' festive flying Snowman, Christmas is never the same again. Part of a series of 'The Snowman' cross stitch kits from DMC, this is festive embroidery at it's shining best.

35 - Bike Ride Timmy Time Cross Stitch Kit

Last for this instalment, we have the CBeebies favourite Timmy Time (which span-off from Shaun The Sheep) in his own bike riding cross stitch kit. An easy choice of bedroom decor for any child who watches the show, and a fun activity for adults who enjoy it too.

Next time on our Top 100 Children's Cross Stitch Kits, we'll be continuing with numbers 34 - 21. If you have any particular patterns you're hoping to see make an appearance, let us know through the Past Impressions Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.


Post By Graham Ashton