Whether needlecraft is your day job or just a hobby, from experience we know that the more time you employ into a hobby the more equipment that you need to buy, or have! Whether you do cross stitch, knitting, crochet or any other form of needlecraft there is always an accessory that will help make your life much easier! Here at Past Impressions we aim to bring you the best selection of products across all of our ranges, and our accessories are the perfect accompaniment to any collection of equipment that you already have. We have compiled a list of what we think are some of the top needlecraft accessories to help your hobby thrive and grow with ease!

Knitting Bag - Red Spot

For every 'sewaholic' it gets to a stage that you own way more threads and needles than you do clothes and it's about time that you need something suitable to store your equipment in.  This brightly coloured polka dot knitting bag is perfect for carrying all your knitting around in, it's incredibly spacious and can be taken anywhere on the go in case boredom should strike!


2-in-1 Illuminated Hands Free Magnifier

For those nights when the light is really not on your side this hands free light magnifier is the perfect accessory to let you continue with your work without straining your eyes. It can be used as a neck magnifier with the attached cord or free standing which allows you to continue with your needlework or knitting with ease. The magnifier LED lights offer high power and it has two lenses with ranging magnification to suit your requirement.



Vintage Style Scissor Pendant With Peacock Scissors

Needlecraft accessories should be treasured items that look as equally beautiful as your finished projects. An incredibly handy tool that can be used for various types of embroidery. To keep safe they can be worn around your neck, their vintage style means that they look great on a table or as a necklace, they really are a multi purpose accessory! scissors

4" Wood Grain Flexi Hoop

This embroidery hoop is perfect for working and framing small designs. It's always useful to have a few of these lying around as you never know what exciting projects you might have in the pipe line. Once framed, they look professional and neat and would be great to give finished as a gift.



Large Magnetic Chart Holder

For avid cross stitcher's this quality chart holder is a convenient way of reading your cross stitch charts without having to constantly strain your eyes, it also comes with an integrated easel so it can stand up on its own.


At Past impressions we offer a wide selection of different accessories to complement each hobby accordingly. There is always something that can help make your hobby that bit more easier or enjoyable. You can take a peek at our full selection of accessories here.

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Post By Nicole Sage