Founded in 1746, more than 250 years ago DMC was first created when an artist and two entrepreneurs decided to start their own printed fabric business. Focusing mainly on the fashion of the time, Jean-Henri DOLLFUS, Jean-Jacques SCHMALZER and Samuel KOECHLIN already had great ideas for globalisation by shipping their luxurious printed fabrics overseas. Passed down through generations Jean-Henri's nephew discovered the invention of passing cotton thread through caustic soda making it silky and strong. Through this fascination the company teamed up with a famous embroiderer to open an embroidery school.

Now many years on the company is thriving, manufacturing threads for industrial use and textile projects. Here at Past Impressions we are proud to supply a range of products from a brand that is not only rich in history, but still creates strong reliable materials that bring joy to creative consumers everywhere.

Our Range Of DMC Products

Timeless Cross Stitch Kit

image (1)

Using the image of Marilyn Monroe, this classic cross stitch is simply elegant.

DMC Wooden Collectors Box With 150 Skeins Of Stranded Cotton Thread

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A great kit, that supplies endless storage.

River Visitors Cross Stitch Kit


A wonderfully detailed kit that makes a great gift.

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