Bringing a newborn baby into the world is a truly life-changing experience: your routines will be reshaped, your priorities shifted, but - most significantly - your life will be imbued with a greater sense of meaning. There are many uniquely special ways to celebrate the birth of a baby boy or girl, from lavish arrival parties and baby showers to casual get-togethers with friends and family...

But if you're searching for a heartfelt gift that will commemorate the arrival of a newborn, and be treasured for many years to come, look no further than your cross stitch pastime.

The arrival of a baby also births a new mother and father, and while many gifts are wonderful at showing your appreciation, few have the personalised appeal of a cross stitch birth sampler, record or announcement. At Past Impressions we offer some of the most adorable, unique and memorable birth sampler designs to make a lasting impression on your loved ones. You can customise the vibrant designs with not only the name of a newborn baby, but also their weight and date of birth to add the perfect personal touch and make the gesture complete.

In our latest blog, we'll guide you through some of the best cute and cuddly cross stitch birth samplers to frame and display on any nursery wall to enjoy for many years to come.

Baby Drawers Cross Stitch Kit Birth Record

Bursting with animal toys and brimming with colourful storage boxes, this Baby Drawers Cross Stitch Kit Birth Record is perfect for creating, personalising and displaying in any playroom or child's bedroom.

Birth Record for Baby Cross Stitch Kit

Another toy-filled treat - this Birth Record for Baby Cross Stitch Kit from Dimensions is great for boys and girls alike! You'll love creating baby balloons, cuddly toys, a Jack-in-the-box, flowers and plenty of lovely personalised details.

Baby Animals Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

This soft toy-themed cross stitch sample from Anchor features a cast of cute animals to create and room to personalise with the date of birth of your little one. You'll also enjoy creating the 'baby' wording backdrop and polka-dot details.

New Baby Girl Cross Stitch Kit

This pram and garden flower cross stitch sampler is the perfect way to say congratulations to loving new parents or to give as a Christening gift to a beautiful baby girl. Personalise with the name, weight and date of birth of your newborn for a lovely finishing touch.

Baby Neutral Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Get this neutral birth sampler stitched and ready, then simply add the birth details and name once the baby is born! The intricate design is filled with baby details, including a stork, pram, hearts, flowers and toys to create.

Baby Boy Squares Birth Sampler Kit

This unique piece from The Stitching Shed features an eye-catching grid pattern filled with toys, baby clothes, a pram and uniquely personalised details. You'll love putting together this Baby Boy Squares Birth Sampler Kit - and you can also purchase a corresponding pattern for girls at Past Impressions!

Baby Love Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Capture the connection between parent and child with this Baby Love Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit from Vervaco. The heartfelt design is filled with realistic detail and can be personalised with name, weight and date-of-birth information to make the pattern complete.

Baby Girl Elephant Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

The Baby Girl Elephant Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit is a lovely choice for animal lovers, featuring a cute elephant-themed design with a stripey heart-shaped balloon and the option to customise with the name and date-of-birth of a newborn. Also available as a birth sampler for boys.

Sleeping Baby Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit

This pure and innocent cross stitch birth record captures a peaceful moment of sleep to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby into your life. Supplied with both blue and pink threads, you can personalise this pattern with the name, date of birth and weight of your little one.

Post By Ed Mason