If you have a passion for all things pet-themed and animal-inspired, then turn your appreciation to some of our adorable pet portrait cross stitch kits.

Whether you're feline-friendly or obsessed with horses, transforming your favourite animals into stunning wall portraits is incredibly satisfying. Made to look like they're posing for the camera, you'll find a range of photogenic kits from Luca-S, Vervaco, Heritage Crafts and more. Each design is rich with colour, realistic detail and even an artistic or novel twist.

If you want to capture the purrfect moment with your pet cat or have a pawsome time with your canine friend, Past Impressions have put together our favourite pet portraits to stretch your cross stitching skills.

Mickey Cat Cross Stitch Kit

This picture-perfect feline design from Luca-S is a playful and wonderfully detailed project for anyone who loves cats. A great choice for cat lovers looking for a striking subject.

Pug Dog Cross Stitch Kit

A pampered pug to take home and make yours! If pug puppies are your thing, then this kit from Vervaco has everything you need to bring your dog to life.

Adel Cross Stitch Kit

This lifelike horse portrait will take pride of place in any equestrian setting. The design features a close up of a horse soaked in sunlight on one side. An eye-catching choice by Alisa.

Cash Cross Stitch Kit

Are you all about Alsatians or German Shepherds? This cross stitch kit from Heritage Crafts captures the beauty of your favourite dog perfectly. The design is filled with detailed colour shades that really bring him to life.

Black And White Cat Cross Stitch Kit

The perfect contrast of flowers and a striking black cat. This fluffy floral kit from Heritage Crafts is bursting with summer colour and is a must-have portrait-style piece for the warm weather.

Dachshund Cross Stitch Kit

If you're a fan of dachshunds, this posing pooch will light up your home. Featuring a unique design from Riolis, it comes with stunning detail and lifelike eyes to create.

Bath Time Cross Stitch Kit

Time for a bath? This adorable rabbit is a more artistic twist on the lifelike pet portrait. Decorated in flecks of artistic detail, it features a fluffy pet fresh from the bath.

Kitten Cross Stitch Kit

And lastly, a dramatic profile of a cat against a striking black backdrop. This kit from Vervaco is a must-have kit for any cat collector.

Post By Ed Mason