Dogs are the nations favourite pet and more than a quarter of us own a dog, with an estimated 9 million dogs living in the UK! From Pugs to Dalmations, Dachshunds to Chow Chows, we have a dog-themed cross stitch kit for you. In this blog post, we will share some of our favourite dog-centric kits that reaffirm our love for dogs!

Little Rascal

A must-have for any dog lover - who wouldn't find this little rascals face adorable? This cross stitch kit from Lanarte features a sleepy dog about to have a snooze. This intricate kit which is suitable for the more advanced cross stitcher.

After The Walk

Can any dog owners relate to this?! The sleepy pup syndrome after they've had their walk, this gorgeous stitch features a black lab asleep on the sofa by the warmth and comfort of the fire. A beautiful design for any dog lover or owner, perfect for displaying in a frame or on a wall once finished.  Designed by "Villager Jim" for Heritage Crafts.

Paw Prints

Looking for a cross stitch project to pull at your heartstrings? This gorgeous dog-themed kit comes with a charming quote and a canine companion to complete the look! Dog owners will fall in love with this artistic piece from Heritage Crafts that features a simple, stylish and unique design to place on any wall of your home.

Hunting Dog

This lovely cross-stitch kit of a hunting dog makes a wonderful gift for any dog lover, and its beautiful colours ensure that it also would look stunning on display in any home.

Dog Bowl

A truly adorable stitch, this Dog Bowl Cross Stitch Kit perfectly displays the curiosity and wonder a dog has over a fishbowl. A must-have cross stitch kit for any dog lover!

Hannah Dale Collie Dog

Based on the beautiful artwork of Hannah Dale, this Collie Dog cross stitch kit is the perfect gift or project to get stuck into for a dog lover. The design comes complete with the cute humour of a collie, with a tongue wagging and a pricked up ear!

Dog Show

Enjoy the dog show from the comfort of your own home with this ‘pawesome’ cross stitch kit from Heritage Crafts. Filled with colour, party details and your favourite pooches, this kit is perfect for any dog lover looking to find their next tail wagging project. 

Chow Chow Dog

With the instantly recognisable fluffiness of its coat (that almost seems to have a lion’s mane quality), this cross stitch kit captures the gorgeous appearance of the chow chow dog and makes it a kit for any and every dog lover.

Noble Dachsie Diamond Dotz Kit

Create a dazzling dog-themed piece of art with the Noble Dachsie Diamond Dotz Kit! All you need to do is use the special stylus to place each sparkling 'Diamond' facet on the colour printed fabric provided. 

Faithful Dog Cushion Panel

This lovely cushion panel kit features an adorable dog design that is a pleasure to complete; a perfect challenge for those looking to improve their skills. This lovely cushion panel kit features an adorable dog design that is a pleasure to complete; a perfect challenge for those looking to improve their skills.

Home is Where the Dog Is

A long overdue variant on the old homely adage, this cross stitch kit is an essential kit for anyone canny about canines. Featuring an unquestionable cross-stitch style of illustration and fine contrasting colours; it’s a warm welcoming design for anyone delighted by dogs.

Pampered Pug

Take home and look after this pampered pug cross stitch kit that, once completed, will melt anyone's heart! Featuring an adorable design from Vervaco, this cross stitch kit will definitely be your new best friend. 

The Boxer

Life is better with a boxer puppy in your life! This heartwarming cross stitch kit features a detailed design that will have any dog lover awwing at!

Black Labrador 

The Black Labrador is one of the most faithful and beautiful dogs, and this wonderful cross-stitch kit captures the breed’s charm perfectly. It makes a fantastic gift for any dog lover or breeder.

You can browse our entire range of animal and wildlife themed cross stitch kits here.

Post By Rosie Burnman