The whole 'cat lady' status has exploded into the world over the last few years, banishing the myth that being a cat lady warrants you as a single lady who lives at home with an army of cats.  Anyone who just really likes cats can take on the crazy cat lady persona these days, and who wouldn't when kittens and cats are so utterly adorable! There's no shortage of fantastically feline gifts out there, but here are 6 cat lady cross stitch kit gift ideas that will qualify their newly chosen status!

#1. In Bed With Crazy Cat Lady Cross Stitch Kit

Part of the Cats Rule! collection from Peter Underhill, this in bed with crazy cat lady is sure to strike a chord with most cat ladies. With a dash of eccentricity and a handful of kitties dotted around the bed, is there really anything better than having a leisurely morning in bed, with a cuppa and some cute cats to cuddle?

#2. Topiary With Crazy Cat Lady Cross Stitch Kit 

This is what happens when your two favourites hobbies and enjoyments collide! If your fellow cat lady has green fingers they're going to love this humorous topiary with crazy cat lady cross stitch kit.  It would look great framed and given to a loved one to take pride of place in their home.


#3. Crazy Cat Lady Cross Stitch Kit 

Doing what she does best, this is what the typical cat lady likes doing best, captured in all her singularly obsessive glory, surrounded by all the cats! There's so much gorgeous detail in this kit and it's a real delight to stitch as you see more cats being brought to life.


#4. Baking With Crazy Cat Lady Cross Stitch Kit

Don't you find that when you have a cat they seem to follow you everywhere? The kitchen is no exception, and as if spoken in the words of the cats, this group of cats are baking with their crazy cat lady!


#5. Home Is Where The Cat Is Cross Stitch Kit

We're sure that all cat ladies, and cat owners can relate to this, home really is where the cat is! This cute design will bring a bit of personality to any home, and it's a great intermediate level kit that can be enjoyed by all ages.


#6. Is That All? Cross Stitch Kit

There's nothing as hard to resist as this face of your kitty wanting more food, and who could say no when they look this cute?! But for a cat that looks like he's had just about too much already, it's sure to raise a smile every time you see it, and perhaps relate to your own cat!


The Peter Underhill for the Cat's Rule series for Heritage crafts cross stitch kits are all eccentric, fun and super cute. Any cat lady or cat owner is sure to relate to these kits and treasure them for years to come! We have an extensive range of Cat themed cross stitch kits like this where you're sure to find one suitable to fuel your cat lady obsession! Look out for our future blog posts on our Facebook Page,Twitter and over at Google+!

Post By Nicole Sage