As you may remember, we covered every inch of Christmas cross-stitching on this blog - as far back as September no less! And yet despite how thoroughly festive were, there was a missed a spot. Having focused so much on the big patterns, let's have a little look at all the little gifts and pieces that can be used to fill up those pesky stockings, from top to toe.

Image of Frosty Tapestry KitImage of Santa Long Stitch KitImage of Rudolph Cross Stitch Kit

Stocking fillers are a marvellous way to try and sneak in some patterns suitable for those who've never felt the thrill of the thread. Another benefit to the beginner cross stitch patterns we identified last time, as with their tapestry cousins, is the small size and simple style sits very nicely next to a very affordable price. On Past Impressions, you can grab a single kit for as low as £6.95, or a money saving, three-in-one pack for £18.

Small, undemanding pieces are a great way of suggesting stitching to someone who's unfamiliar to the craftform; providing something fun and collectible for them to have long after the final bit of unwrapping. Alternatively, if said recipient is well versed in cross-stitch, little patterns and samplers still make a lovely little inclusion if they're small and easy enough for said person to make (without interrupting their current project!).

Image of Popcorn Alphabet Y Kit

And of course, for the dedicated needleworker, you can't go wrong by throwing a few much needed fabric packs into their stocking. Everyone always wishes they had a little more aida when a great idea for a new cross stitch lands in their head, and much the same as including toiletries, chocolate and stationary in the oversized sock, a little bit of thread is going to go a lot way throughout the year.

If you have any suggestions for tried and tested stocking fillers, let us know ine comments. We also want to know how your Christmas shopping is going; do you have any great suggestions for reliable shops for last minute gift searching? Not that we're in need of one...of course. Purely for reference's sake, let us know either at Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Our cross-stitch community is hard at work on their Christmas patterns - why not come have a look and share your own? Everyone's welcome!

Post By Graham Ashton