So finally, as September draws to a close, so does Past Impression's little early Christmas party. What's depressing is the realization that the holidays themselves are still just shy of three months away. Ah well, plenty of time to stitch and get a head start on shopping! We hope that we've thrown some great suggestions your way for patterns to work on, either as a speedy present, or one tucked away for next year. For our last instalment we'll shine a spotlight on some non-specific Christmas crafting goods, and kits that seasonally have something a little different about them.

Everyone likes to celebrate this most fantastic season in their own way and with their own traditions. For millions across the world, its still a hallowed celebration of the birth of Christ and its religious significance. When it comes to cross stitch, the products we have mix the traditional iconography with the more contemporary. Whether that's a starry depiction of the nativity on a stocking, or a family making their way to midnight mass in the light of a fully decorated tree, each pattern is designed with regard to the importance of the holidays as a time for family, faith and community.

This leads us nicely into one of our favourite, and oft overlooked forms of Christmas tree decoration. With so much emphasis put on the baubles and lights, the tree skirt is a great way to add an additional bit of décor to the family pine, and also doubles as a lovely table cloth. Here we have the nativity once again, in the stunning detail and design we're more than used to from the master crafters at Dimensions.

If after a more secular design for your tree skirt, then this trio of snowmen will be a joy to make for anyone who loves the snow or dressing up their sculpted winter sir.

We can't get enough of snowmen, though sadly the right weather can come a bit too late for us to make one around Christmas time. Here to cheer is the Snowman Needle Felt Kit; a fully 3D character that can be put together by your and/or your children using easy freeform felting techniques - no stencils or molds required!

If our snowy friend has left your feeling hungry for more felt, then we have kits for making useful yuletide cutlery holders, such as the Christmas Tree themed ones on the left. Each can hold up to three items and there's beads, sequins and more to act as the decorative material. In terms of actual Christmas tree decorations, there's a whole gang of Santas ready to be made into wonderful felt ornaments for the centrepiece of your family festive fun.

So, that's the ribbon our 'It's Never Too Early' segment of posts. We hope that if you have gone out and got a kit ready for Christmas, that you share it with us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. There's some terrific early Christmas crackers being shown off on our Cross Stitch Community page too, so do join in if you have something you're working on for the big day!

Post By Graham Ashton