If there's one old adage that we always live by, it's that it's never too early to start stitching for Christmas! We would start stitching in January if we had a chance, as realistically some of the more advanced designs take more than a few weeks to complete.  Christmas cross stitch cards are the best way to spread some festive cheer, and send something to your loved ones that will definitely rival the likes of a traditional shop bought card.  It's never been easier to stitch and send a card, and they're great for all abilities, here are some of our favourite kits that could find their way winging themselves through the post this season!

3D Christmas Cross Stitch Cards

A step ahead of traditional Christmas cards, these allow you to stitch, stick and send them, achieving a 3D effect card that looks perfect displayed on a table during the festive season. We promise all of your guests will be asking about them in admiration!


Christmas Village Card 3D Cross Stitch Kit - £11.30

On Past-Impressions we have a massive selection of The Nutmeg Company 3D cross stitch kits that have designs ranging from adorable penguins to snowy, wintry villages.  Each design is different in some way, and is packed full of intricate detailing and stunning colours that will mean they will be treasured and displayed for many years to come!


Penguin Christmas Card 3D Cross Stitch Kit - £9.35

Christmas Cross Stitch Card Sets

If you're looking to make a lot of Christmas cross stitch cards this Christmas, purchasing a set of cards is a much more cost effective way to do it. Helping to save yourself that little bit extra amount of time and money. They're also super handy for those times when you may have forgotten to give someone their card, once completed they can then sit in your drawer waiting for the next opportunity!


Stained Glass Christmas Card Cross Stitch Kits (Set Of 3) - £18.30

You can't beat traditional Christmas Card kits like the stained glass cards that truly represent the meaning behind Christmas. It doesn't stop us loving the adorable and super sweet cartoon style designs though that can be appreciated by people of all ages. All of the card sets come supplied with envelopes and instructions, so you have everything you need to stitch them and send them in time for Christmas!


Christmas Buddies - Set Of 3 Cross Stitch Card Kits - £16.50

Individual Card Kits

Cross stitch is an incredibly enjoyable yet time consuming hobby, so we can understand that you may not want to stitch cards for all of the 30 people on your card list this year! Cross stitch cards are perfect for those loved ones in your life where you want to give them something a little bit special, and magical! We sell a wide selection of individual card kits to suit your budget and taste.


Snow Robin Christmas Card Cross Stitch Kit - £8.75

You can't beat a wonderfully wintry and authentic card like this snow robin Christmas card, we think it captures the true magic of Christmas perfectly!


Christmas Door Cross Stitch Card Kit - £8.75

We can almost feel the spirit of Christmas by looking at this Christmas door cross stitch kit. It has lots of extra details including beading on the trees and a wonderfully festive ribbon placed onto the wreath. Once completed it can be mounted easily into the red mount provided.


Polar Bear Square Christmas Card Cross Stitch Kit - £8.90

If you're looking for something with a little bit of extra cuteness, and something a bit different to your more traditional designs, we have this 'beary' cute ice skating polar bear design. With a sparkling background, and the colourful threads, it's the perfect happy card to give this Christmas.

This is just a tiny snippet from our huge range of Christmas Cross Stitch Card kits,  keep a look out on our blog over the next couple of months for plenty more Christmas cross stitching inspiration! Have you started stitching for Christmas yet? Do let us know over on our Facebook Page,Twitter and over at Google+

Post By Nicole Sage