The only thing that rolls around faster than the Christmas holidays is the long-winded preparation done ahead of time. For most this can be getting that turkey in the freezer early or sorting out arrangements for visiting relatives, but for crafters, it can be the much earlier decision of what cross stitch kits to make, how many you'll go through and just how you'll get it all done in time! The Past Impressions 2014 selection of festive embroidery designs, greeting cards and other patterns is one of our most jubilant yet, and being that we're in one very sunny July, what better time to share these winter-pining pieces?

How to Cross Stitch Christmas

In selecting your perfect Christmas Cross Stitch Kits, we'll try to give you an abridged version of our four-part delve into what makes the Yuletide so craft-able from last year. In short, it comes down to the symbols, traditions and icons that make up the holiday both in a religious and secular sense. It's strange how adding just a dash of snow and a few carefully co-ordinated colours is enough to make you think "morning of the 25th...yay!", but the associated signifiers of both the season and festivities is partly what makes cross stitch kits & Christmas go hand in hand...

image of Blue Tits In Winter Cross Stitch Kit



The Best Christmas Cards Money Can't Buy

Some of the best selling products on Past Impressions have for sometime been our every growing choice of Christmas Card Cross Stitch Kits. These are the ideal way to send your season's greetings; hand made, unique message holders that are easy enough patterns to complete, but which are received with the highest amount of gratitude. There's cards with classic festive well wishing phrases, ones that fit the spiritual roots of the big day and, should you wish to take your cards to the next dimension, all new 3D Christmas cross stitch kits from The Nutmeg Company.


We're also extremely pleased to announce that, for the first time ever, we have a new selection of classic Christmas cross stitch card kits designed and produced exclusively for Past Impressions by Riverdrift Studio! Available in packs of 4, each delivers what we love most about this festive tradition in their own unique ways!


What To Put On Your Tree...or, er, Under it?

When it comes to Christmas, cross stitch exists to offer far more than just lovely images of Santa and items for your correspondents. You can even buy kits, many in fact, to make fantastical decorations for your tree. Our Ornaments & Decorations selection features many standard embroidery items (in both 3D and regular perspective) to hang on one or more branches, but there's also the much underrated option of the tree skirt, and some table cloths to add that missing touch from your perfect Christmas lunch.

Naturally, it'd hardly be Christmas at all without a huge host of wondrous Christmas Stockings. From humorous and cartoony patterns to those with serious reverence for the spirit of the occasion, the only thing that looks better than seeing them hung up by the fireplace is peering at the brimming amount of gifts within...

Bring the Kids into the Christmas Crafting Craze Too!

As you're burrowing away at getting all those patterns and pieces ready in time for Christmas morning there's no reason by the wee little ones have to sit idly by. Anchor's fantastic 1st collection of extends also into the Christmas holidays, with a Kids Xmas Kits set featuring four fine festive friends to help all children practice and perfect their needlecraft, and perhaps even to learn the early joy of handmaking presents for friends and family.


If you've got any Christmas cross stitch masterpieces that you use as reliable decorations, we'd love to see them. You can post a link to any completed festive patterns in the comments below, or even better at our Facebook page, on Twitter or Google+, and of course with everyone at our own Cross Stitch Community.

Post By Graham Ashton