It may surprise you to know that actually, I haven’t been stitching very long. I’ve always been interested in needlecraft and have dabbled in customising my own clothes, but never actually got around to trying anything out until recently. I’m realising now that I’ve got so much to learn, and I wish that I had started when I was a kid. I mean, who knows what incredible creations I could be coming up with now?

That’s why I really love our range of children’s needlecraft kits. Manufactured by Anchor as part of their 1st range, they each feature cute but simple designs in a variety of different needlecraft styles. They’re fantastic for teaching kids the basics of their chosen project and hopefully getting them started on a hobby that they’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Image of Anchor 1st Kit Gift BoxThe best kit, in my opinion, is this Anchor 1st Kit Gift Box. It’s a collection of a number of different projects that includes knitting, cross stitch, long stitch and corsage. It’s ideal if you’re trying to get your little one interested in a new hobby if she’s not sure what she wants to try or wants to try everything! I also love the fact that any little girl will really enjoy making something that she can then use, such as the bag and the corsage.


Image of Leo Tapestry KitOn the other hand, more reluctant stitchers may be happier with a small project to start on first, or your child may only be interested in trying one particular style. This is where the rest of the Anchor 1st range is so great. Each of the designs are only 10cm by 10cm and the range includes cross stitch, long stitch and tapestry. There are also a few designs that would be great for boys to stitch. After all, he’s not always going to have Mum around to sew up any holes in his trousers!

Needlecraft is a really fantastic hobby for kids to get into, and artists such as Mr X Stitch are showing that it’s not boring or dull. Just check out his incredible graffiti cross stitch projects online if you don’t believe me! Not only that, but it teaches kids valuable life skills that will really help them out when they’re living on their own.

If your child’s always been interested in needlecraft, let us know what you think of the Anchor 1st range. Or, perhaps your child’s constantly stitching away at a needlecraft project or maybe you work on them together? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories, so leave a comment below with your thoughts. We’d also love to see some pictures of their completed projects, so if you’d like to share then do so on Facebook or Twitter!

Post By Marc