We often use the Past Impressions blog to bring you news and spotlights on breathtaking, beautiful and brand new cross stitch kits/tapestry patterns we have available. As an online craft store however, we would feel remiss in our services if we also didn't cover some of the must have needlecraft tools & accessories that any serious or casual crafter would not want to be without. This blog will cover just some of the necessary cornerstones a dedicated sewer might put in their tool-shed:

Quilting Charm PacksIn a world being taken in by an embroidery and stitching storm, its important to keep an eye on some of the equally lovely forms of fashioning out there. One in particular is quilting, a craft where uniqueness lies in every project. The newest addition to Past Impressions selection, these quilting charm packs capture a variety of seasons and moods in their beautiful patterns. Whether you want to inject squares of a Summer Fair or Seaside Life into your new throw or bit of clothing, these are well worth having a browse through.


Patchwork / Quilting Starter SetThis neat little package is the next thing you'll want to be after once you've got a decent selection of patchwork supplies to work with. Milward have put together this excellent arsenal of Patchwork/Quilting playthings (warning: not for playing with!). This includes a cutting mat, rotary cutter, patchwork ruler, needles, plastich headed pins, blue water-erasable pen, 2 spools of coats cotton sewing thread and a polybag. For anyone who's recently taken a shine to this hobby, then it's here you will find the ideal gift!

Flexi Hoops

Perfectly put together for working and framing small designs, a flexi hoop is an embroiderers best friend. Whether they're round, oval or even square, they work both when working on your chosen design, but are also an essential part of displaying your finished project. At Past Impressions you can opt for a single, 4" Wood Grain hoop, or go for a money saving set, including one coloured a nice bright red for working on the perfect Christmas patterns.

Large Magnetic Chart Holder

A top quality chart holder made by master crafters DMC, it's arguably the most convenient way to make reading the charts for your cross stitch kits that much easier. It's sold alongside an integrated easel, along with a magnetic ruler and two further magnets so holding your chart in place like magic. It's highly handy to use, and not too big to be stored away until it's needed again.

Stitch Chart Booksimage of Baby & Kids Cross Stitch Chart BookEasily the best option for stitchers who prefer to forgo preset cross stitch kits and create their very own custom patterns, these range of chart books by DMC Creative present numerous opportunities to piece the perfect sampler. Within each of them is page upon page of designs and illustrations that you won't be able to resist putting on canvas. Whether its a new Birth Sampler or something nice for the Garden, we definitely recommend having a flick through this works by Marin Diaz.

DMC Wooden Collectors BoxesNeedles to say, with their high prices, bountiful contents and astonishing craftsmanship, these are ones for true tried and tested needlecrafters. The DMC Wooden Collectors boxes, available either as a moderate 150 Skeins filled case, or the ultimate 465 Skein treasure chest (though pricey, the thread alone would come to £441.75 if bought separately...). As well as setting your thread needs for a long time, each box is multi-compartmented for all your needlecraft tools & accessories!

What needlecraft tool and/or accessory do you turn to most, regardless of the type of project? Which ones require the replacement most often? Let us know via the comments below, or message us over at our Facebook page, Twitter or on Google+. Don't forget to share what you're working on with the rest of our Cross Stitch community and Tapestry group!



Post By Graham Ashton