It seems that everywhere I look recently, I see signs that needlecraft is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence across the UK, especially among young people! In fact, an article on The Independent said that in 2009, we bought 500% more sewing machines than ever before, and that craft courses are incredibly popular.

As anyone who enjoyed Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Britain or Homemade Christmas series will tell you, people all over the UK are turning their hands to various crafty pursuits. Haberdashery is now a great way to spice up old clothes thanks to Gok Wan, and cupcake stores are popping up on every high street with magazines teaching you how to make your own.

While this is probably down to the economy and people looking to get high-class looks for less, for those of us who have been cross-stitching and knitting for a long time, it’s great news! It means that needlework supplies are so much easier to come by, and we have so many more people to share our beloved hobby with.

In fact, why not start your friends off with a simple cross-stitch kit and see how they like it? Counted kits are the best way to get started and learn how to stitch. I particularly like the Daisy Chain Handbag Mirror Kit, as it’s a simple design and the mirror is really practical.

If they’re not much of a fan of cross stitch, or they’d love to be able to knit their own clothes, try one of our knitting kits! Our Scarf Knitting Kit is a really easy way to get started, and it even come with needles.

You could also start your children on one of these kits. As I said previously, needlecraft is becoming really popular with the younger generation. Even something as simple as being able to sew on a button will really help them out in later life, and the more creative ones may discover a new hobby that they’ll grow to really love!

If you’ve introduced someone to cross-stitch or any other needlecraft, let us know! Or, perhaps you run a craft group which has seen a rise in members, or you’ve noticed a craft shop opening in your town… Whatever your thoughts on the growth in popularity of needlecraft, we’d love to hear them. You can leave a comment below, or drop us a line through Facebook or Twitter.

Post By Marc