Last weekend, we managed to find out feet at the Exeter 'Inside Outside' Summer Craft Fair. This day of handmade goods featured more than 30 tables of arts and crafts by local artisans of the city, held under the 'Transit Shed', a large barn-like structure on the picturesque quay. A good choice; though the weather only sporadically erupted into downpour, when it rained it rained a lot, so much so that the stalls on the outside had to back up a little.

We saw many fine stalls and some amazing pieces for sale, both for our favourite craft forms and a few we hadn't really looked at that much before...

We naturally rushed straight over to this stall, 'Stitched Up', a little table selling all manner of sewn goodies like cushions, baby blankets & playmats, lavender pillows, needle cases, cosmetic bags and much more besides - an admittedly more practical choice than cross stitch kits! We didn't however note down any contact details, or the address of a website or Facebook, so if anyone recognizes the wears and can share them with us, please do so in the comments below or on our own Facebook page!



Beyond the obvious allure of thread, the craft fair was an eclectic blast of various items to peruse and possibly purchase.


This similarly laden table was a dream for anyone who loves bunting, with a gorgeous set of patterns that would look ideal on a classic bell tent set up at a certain festival this week nearby to Exeter (just a thought...). There were also exquisitely fashioned and functional door stops, handmade greeting cards as well as sewn wallets and parrots (strange, but we liked them!)


The fair was privy to some woodturning, jewellery making and pyrography demonstrations, as well as children's craft table. Whether you wanted something to brighten your home that had it's foundation in wood or fabric. The stand pictured above certainly had a wonderful share of unique knitted monkeys and bunnies, plus some well flossed teeth soft toys (we feel the latter should be required fixtures for all dentists!


The stall pictured above, of our personal favourites had a choice of hugely unique words, some framed, some hanging, all based around a modern form of mosaic. Produced with a kiln and with clear visual concept, from little wearables to huge home decorations, it was one of those sets that really wants you to learn more about a form of crafting you'd previously not come across much of.


Hopefully in the future we'll get to stop by another local turn out of fantastic crafting goods. If so we'll certainly share some more snapshots here, but in the meantime, please do pass on any take-aways from your own days out, either on our Facebook or through Twitter and Google+.

Post By Graham Ashton