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Here at Past Impressions, we do have a humungous range of cross stitch kits available, however if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, or if you just fancy getting a bit creative yourself, we do also stock a range of craft supplies to get you started.

We have a selection of Aida fabric packs from the wonderful Secret Garden, in a variety of colours, such as Cream, Navy, Black, Pale Blue and White as well as packs of the highest quality embroidery floss in every colour you could possibly desire! Embroidery Floss

So, if you’re feeling creative and want to make something truly unique for somebody, or yourself, we’ve got the tools and equipment that you will require.

There are many different websites and downloadable programmes that can assist you in the design of your cross stitch chart; some are free, some request a subscription or one off payment.  One that I stumbled across (and got quite excited about) is a website called  This website is completely free and you can upload any image or photograph you want to create a cross stitch kit. gives you complete artistic freedom and allows you to customise your design. You can select the size, how many thread colours (more, of course, means more detailed and more difficult), whether you want the pattern style to be in symbols, coloured boxes or both.  Finally, you then select your colour options: simple colours, all colours or grayscale. Click ‘Make Pattern’ and voila, your pattern is created.

You can easily go back and forth, making alterations to your design until you achieve the desired effect, or tweak it with the advanced form.  I got a bit carried away with this and started uploading loads of different images just to see what they would look like as a cross stitch pattern. Here is a rather fetching cross stitch chart of a banana!

All you have to do is download your design, print it off and away you go!  The possibilities are endless.

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