Cross Stitch Hoop Kits

The quintessentially cross stitch accessory of the wooden hoop is ideal for getting your patterns done right. But of course, where we often see them is when they're used as quaintly nostalgic, and tightly nestled little parts of a fantastic display. They just feel as perfect a finisher as ribbon on a cake, or as mesmerizing as the rings of Saturn. Vervaco, a needlecraft company who already have presentation-perfect cross stitch kits, have understood how great a showcase tool wooden hoops are and have thus supplied an all new range of patterns included with their very own frames!

gingerbread house hoop kitoh happy day hoop kitbirthday cake hoop kit

Not just great in saving you the hassle of ordering multiple items and (if you use them for displays regularly) constantly having to buy new frames, these Hoop Kits have designs which seem almost tailor made for encasement. From the darkish cream colour of the Aida cloth, to the little details like ribbons and space for stitched text, every aspect of these lovely patterns has been thought out so that every wall would be most happy to have them!

life is beautiful hoop kitneedle and thread hoop kitbutton jar cross stitch kit

As you probably noticed from the tags, these new choice kits have been created by the Dutch family brand Lief! Lifestyle. Their embroidery kits contain the same, sweet spirit of uniqueness to be found in all their products, and are ideal for encouraging crafting and creativeness in your family. Each one comes with everything you'd need to complete it, and whether you go fro the tiny Button Jar Kit or the globetrottingly large Around The World Kit, as children's room decorations go we can't think of anything more wholesome.


In terms of the patterns themselves, the choice is just gorgeous. If inspiring words, surrounded by a variety of lovely coloured shapes is all that it takes to enrich your soul then the Life is Beautiful kit and Oh Happy Day kit come with our highest recommendation. One of our (unsurprisingly) personal favourites is the Needle and Thread cross stitch kit; the little pattern you've been looking for to take that empty bit of wall space in your sewing room!

needle and thread hoop kit

Are there any tips and tricks when it comes to displaying cross stitch with a wooden hoop that you know of? We'd love for you to share them with us over at our Facebook page, on Twitter or via Google+. Also if you haven't already, don't forget to stop by our very own, ever buzzing Cross Stitch Community!


Post By Graham Ashton