"Side by side or miles apart, good friends are always close to your heart" - the value of friends in your life is something you can't really put a price on.

There's usually a great story attached to every great friendship and to celebrate this unique bond, Past Impressions have put together a selection of special kits to honour those unique connections between old friends and new....

So whether you're honouring this year's friendiversary, an upcoming birthday you're treating them "just because" take a look at this heartwarming selection to make anyone feel special.

Friendship Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

This intricate, nature-inspired cross stitch kit is a great way of celebrating the valuable connection you have with your best friends. Featuring stunning embroidery from Little Dove Designs, it includes a meaningful quote to show the enduring bond you both have, no matter how far away you are...

Friends House Cross Stitch Kit

They say "The road to a friend's house is never long..." and this cross stitch kit is perfect for symbolising the enjoyment you get from travelling around and seeing your friends.

Between Friends 3D Cross Stitch Card Kit

Lunch makes the heart grow fonder... Particularly when your friendship is built on a foundation of food dates! This card kit is a stylish and sophisticated choice for any ladies who love to lunch.

Welcome Friends Chalkboard Cross Stitch Kit

Whether you're throwing a party or a simple gathering, this cross stitch kit is great for welcoming everyone you love and cherish into your humble abode!

Bebunni - Friend

Stuck for words? Let Bebunni say it...

Lettuce Be Friends Cross Stitch Kit

If you're both animal lovers let the guinea pigs symbolise your friendship, brought to life by flecks of stunning artistic detail.

Gorjuss The Pretend Friend Cross Stitch Kit

This simply "Gorjuss" cross stitch kit is great for making for your daughter or niece to give as a gift to their best friend...

Post By Ed Mason