Here at Past Impressions, we are passionate about bringing you the best cross stitch patterns, and quality products to enjoy. Cross stitching is a craft with a history dating back centuries, which has enchanted many with its simple intricate patterns. As a beginner stepping into this world, it can not only fill some free time, but it can also enrich and spark your creative spirit. Our beginner friendly kits and patterns are perfect for you when getting to grips with the art of cross stitching. We offer different beginner starter kits, from cross stitch, tapestry kits, children’s needle-craft, as well as long - stitch starter kits. Each kit comes equipped with all the necessary materials, and step - by - step instructions, ensuring you are proud of your finished product.

Discovering the Basics

At first glance, cross stitching can seem like a daunting task. Patterns can appear complex, with unfamiliar materials and techniques. However, our kits come with everything you need to try your hand at simple stitches, which can easily and quickly become impressive patterns to be proud of. Simple stitches can build up to having the correct technique, moving on to more complex patterns, unlocking greater skills and intricate designs.

Why not begin with our Nutmeg Guide to Stitching on Paper? This guide covers the most frequently used stitches, how to cope with mistakes and problems, and finishing techniques, such as cutting out and using backing cards. The booklet has a small 3D greeting card Butterfly starter kit tucked into the back cover, with materials for producing a greeting card. This would make a fantastic gift for a beginner, or just for someone who wants to find out more about the art of stitching on paper!

A Community of Crafters

Embarking on this new hobby can open the doors to others like yourself, and often you will find a community of fellow cross - stitchers, who can share helpful tips and tricks. Find other like - minded people through our Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest accounts, as well as inspiration for your next creation. Check out our Pinterest for a collection of Beginner Cross Stitch crafts which could be your next project! You could share your own progress on social media, and tag us so we can admire your work too! Sharing your work can provide a sense of camaraderie and encouragement from others, who you know will appreciate the time taken to create such an outcome.

Power of Colour

Bright colours can often make a craft seem more impressive than it really is. Our Flora Tapestry Kit is bursting with colour, and is perfect for beginners to the crafting world who want to make something vibrant and full of life. Whether you’ve got a start in embroidery, or want to jump straight into needlepoint, this tapestry kit from Anchor is an ideal learning ground with fun, bright and colourful flowers for you to sew and keep.

Our Poppy Flowers Beginners Tapestry Kit, is another simple yet beautiful design. It is the perfect starting point for any beginner, and once completed, it looks wonderful in a frame, displayed within the home as a great piece of handmade art.

The emergence of a design, one stitch at a time, can be immensely satisfying, with each colour contributing to the final picture, creating a sense of accomplishment with every completed section. Every kit comes with all of the required materials, as well as step - by - step instructions to create a beautiful design.

Simple patterns can help beginners embrace the process, allowing yourself to be caught up in this timeless craft. The joy of beginner cross - stitching lies not just in the finished piece, but in every stitch along the way. Let your crafting journey begin today with us at Past Impressions!

Post By Holly