Elephants are not only the largest land mammal on the planet, they're also one of the smartest. Capable of displaying emotions and behaviours that are more complex than your average animal, over the course of their 50-70 year lifespan, elephants will recognise their own reflection and even mourn the loss of a member of their herd.

However, is the old saying "an elephant never forgets" really true?

Believe it or not, an elephant's long memory actually serves a very unique that enables them to socially identify other elephants. For example, if the female leader of a herd encounters an elephant that is a stranger to their current one, they will adopt a defensive stance to protect the herd. Elephants also remember other elephants they've had brief and friendly encounters with, as well as animals that have been a part of their lives for a long time.

To celebrate these majestic 2-6000kg titans of the bush and forest, Past Impressions have put together some of our most popular elephant themed cross stitch kits that we know you'll never forget.

Love Elly Cross Stitch Kit

Feel the love for your favourite animal or simply add to your stash of elephant collector's items and gifts with this elegant 'Love' quote elephant kit from Bothy Threads.

Age Is Irrelephant Cross Stitch Kit

For those that feel age is just a number, this lovely companionship themed cross stitch kit would make the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

Elephant Trio Cross Stitch Kit

The best things come in threes! This Indian inspired elephant cross stitch kit is filled with vivacious colours and mandala-inspired patterns to bring a little culture and style to your home...

Elephant Stroll Cross Stitch Kit

Elephants may not be partners for life, but they live under a strong matriarchal structure, forming deep bonds within the herd. Baby elephants even stay close to their mothers for up to 10-years.

Elephant Silhouette Cross Stitch Kit

This evocative sunset themed elephant cross stitch kit is full of emotion and dramatic realism, featuring a unique design from Maia.

Elephants Cross Stitch Kit

Capture elephants in the wilderness with this lifelike piece from Heritage Crafts, designed by John Clayton for the Power and Grace series.

Post By Ed Mason