Forget the designs of the past; it's time to bring some contemporary creativity to your present cross stitch collection. There's something effortlessly refreshing about modern styles, and by embracing the nouveau look you can open your perspective to a whole new world of cutting-edge cross stitch patterns. They also double as amazing examples of interior decor if you want to update your home!

Modern designs typically focus on minimalism over elaborate patterns.They take familiar natural features and strip away the complications, leaving you with something simple, sleek and stunning. A great antidote to the stress and chaos of everyday life, our contemporary cross stitch designs will transform your home into a tranquil space that you can unwind in.

Past Impressions have put together some of our favourite modern cross stitch kits to try, from stylish geometrics to stripped-down cities and unique floral designs you've never seen before.

Modern Floral Cross Stitch Kit

This compelling floral kit by Design Works features striking natural colours that are separated from their flowery outlines. A unique design that reduces these flowers to simple, stylish elements.

Snowy London Cross Stitch Kit

This snowy cityscape by Bothy Threads features all the iconography of London represented in a sleek wintry outline. The design is finished off with starry details and glowing lights, giving a modern impression of the English capital.

Blackwork Geometric Circles Embroidery Kit (Hoop Not Included)

Taking traditional blackwork into the modern age. This sensational design allows you to create a sunset view in a circular geometric pattern that evokes the sky and sea.

Modern Pear Cross Stitch Kit

This modern pear cross stitch kit by Vervaco is comprised of colourful geometric chevrons that are arranged in the shape of this familiar sweet and mild fruit.

Blue Hearts Cross Stitch Kit

Create this heart-filled cross stitch design with a completely unique modern pattern that's fun to create and will look great when displayed in any stylish home interior.

Black And White Long Stitch Cushion Panel Kit

This monochromatic printed cushion will make itself at home in any modern living room. The perfect choice for anyone looking to add some contemporary cross stitch creations to their home.

White Christmas Tree Beadwork Embroidery Kit

Give the festive season a modern twist with this chic Christmas tree design from Ann's Orchard. It features glistening white beads arranged to form the outline of a festive tree and dispersing in a snow-themed fashion.

Modern Anemones Cross Stitch Kit

Put together a burst of colourful blooms with the Modern Anemones Cross Stitch Kit from Design Works. You'll love recreating the vivid colour and stylised details that bring this wonderful piece to life.

Post By Ed Mason