Symbolic in the savannas for their wisdom, strength and good fortune; elephants really are one of the most captivating animals out there. A fully grown elephant stands at 8 - 13 feet with a trunk that can consume as much as 2 gallons of water at a time. These spectacular creatures are intriguing to wildlife fanatics and creatives alike and their unique form really lends itself to stunning works of art and evocative cross stitch creations.

If you needed any more convincing, Past Impressions have gathered together a herd of our most vibrant, exciting and unique elephant cross stitch kits - all centred around the largest land on the planet. Discover a wide range of our favourite designs from trusted brands such as Heritage Crafts, Design Works, Bothy Threads and more.

Elephants On Parade Cross Stitch Kit

Create an assortment of charming elephant characters on parade, dressed in colourful finery and joined by some friendly birds.

Elephant Trio Cross Stitch Kit

An ornate trio of elaborately designed elephants, decorated in stunning cultural colour and striking details from Design Works.

Age Is Irrelephant Cross Stitch Kit

A heartfelt cross stitch kit featuring two of the sweetest elephants with their trunks in an embrace. It features flecks of artistic detail, designed by Hannah Dale.

Love Elly Cross Stitch Kit

The letters of ‘Love’ are individually spelled out with countless flowers, hearts, petals and an elephant underneath. This charming design is perfect to give to a couple on an anniversary, Valentine's Day or similar special occasion.

African Wildlife Cross Stitch Kit

A bustling and vibrant African scene, featuring a host of wildlife that any animal lover will appreciate. A wonderfully lifelike design by Maia.

Elephant Stroll Cross Stitch Kit

This family of elephants is a great way to illustrate the importance of familial relatives as they embark on a daily stroll.

Elephants Cross Stitch Kit

Another beautiful family-themed cross stitch kit, conveyed through an elephant mother and her children. Designed by John Clayton for Heritage Crafts' Power And Grace series.

African Horizon Cross Stitch Kit

A stark and dramatic silhouette and sunset cross stitch kit from Maia. It features the striking outline of giraffes, elephants and a zebra against a glowing backdrop.

Post By Ed Mason