The vibrant country of Japan is home to one of the most striking and distinctive cultures in the world. Steeped in rich history and tradition, this island country formed its own cultural identity based almost entirely upon self-created aesthetics, vibrant customs and a unique way of life

From architecture that takes inspiration from the harmony between humans and nature, to mesmerising artwork, clothing and style, Japan's remarkable cultural iconography has global appeal. This widespread fascination with Japan has also infused the world of cross stitch, which takes eye-catching Japanese-inspired patterns and designs and brings them right into your home.

From Geishas to Japanese gardens and cherry blossom trees, you'll be able to enrich your home with incredible Japanese crafts and artistic cross stitch creations with a little help from Past Impressions.

In our latest blog, we'll throw light on the culture and traditions of Japan through a range of our most inspiring and eclectic cross stitch kits by Dimensions, Lanarte and Maia.

Elegant Geisha Cross Stitch Kit

Inspired by the iconic performing artists of traditional Japanese culture, this elegant Geisha cross stitch kit is a vibrantly evoked design that's simply bursting with colour and delicate flowery detail. A very rewarding project from the Dimensions Gold Petite Collection.

Japanese Garden Cross Stitch Kit

This intricate and picturesque cross stitch kit captures the unmistakable cherry blossom trees, rivers bridges, lanterns and other natural details that Japan is known for. A painting-perfect cross stitch kit by Dimensions.

Lady With Blossoms Cross Stitch Kit

A fashion model brought to life by picturesque flowery details, the Lady With Blossoms Cross Stitch Kit from Lanarte is a stylish and highly detailed portrait depiction that is surrounded by a flurry of idyllic cherry blossoms, creating a rich cultural image that any fan of Japanese culture will love.

Geisha Cross Stitch Kit

Filled with wonderfully detailed flowery features, this vivid cross stitch pattern centres on two Geishas posing in a Japanese garden. Imbued with plenty of colour, floral detail and traditional Japanese dress to catch the eye.

The Japanese Garden Cross Stitch Kit

Step into a world of Geisha traditions and rich Japanese vistas... This Japanese Garden Cross Stitch Kit by Maia is foregrounded by a striking Geisha against a backdrop of a serene garden, filled with flowers, flowing streams and classic architectural elements to create.

Cherry Blossom Creek Cross Stitch Kit

Revel in Japanese springtime with this atmospheric cherry blossom scene from Dimensions. Symbolic of renewal, regeneration and the transitory qualities of life, the cherry blossom tree is a hallmark of Japan. This wonderful kit comes with a striking colour palette that you'll love putting together.

Tea Garden Deluxe 3D Cross Stitch Card Kit

The Tea Garden Deluxe 3D Cross Stitch Card Kit is a charming and unique greeting to send someone special. Featuring four elegant Geisha girls, brought to life by the 3D style, this kit also includes lots of metallic thread and beads to make your finished card sparkle and glimmer.

Post By Ed Mason