At Past Impressions, we believe that every cross stitch creation or Diamond Dotz design is a work of art, but have you ever tried to recreate a masterpiece?

With thousands of incredible crafting kits available, sometimes it's best to go back to the old classics. There are plenty of picturesque designs to add to your collection, but recapturing the work of true artists is a challenge with timeless results.

In our Famous Paintings section, you'll discover kits inspired by Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Famed for creating over 2000 paintings in his lifetime, each work was filled with striking brush strokes, kinetic style and vibrant colour that you can turn your hand to.

Whether your creativity stems from precise needle craft or shimmering diamond facets, Past Impressions have put together a range of the most iconic kits inspired by Van Gogh's paintings, allowing you to transform your home into a gallery of artistic inspiration.

Van Gogh - Sunflowers Cross Stitch Kit

Inspired by one of his most famous paintings, Van Gogh created this piece in the late 1800s, only using three shades of yellow. It was believed to symbolise gratitude and has now been re-imagined as this cross stitch design by DMC.

Van Gogh - A Wheatfield With Cypresses Cross Stitch Kit

As part of his Wheat Field series, it was inspired by a view from an asylum looking towards the Alpilles. Along with the incredibly colour, this cross stitch kit captures the swirling movement of the trees, clouds and rolling hills.

Van Gogh's Chair Cross Stitch Kit

Bring your own interpretations to this homage of Van Gogh's Chair painting. This simple and unadorned composition also includes the familiar pipe and tobacco pouch, allowing you to recreate it with a rich attention to detail.

Sunflowers (Van Gogh) Diamond Dotz Kit

If you want to create Van Gogh's famous sunflowers in this stunning Diamond Dotz theme, this sparkling kit is just what you need. Use the diamond-like facets and a special stylus to place them on the colour printed fabric provided. If you want to find out more information about our Diamond Dotz range, read our 'How To' Guide To Diamond Dotz Kits.'

Van Gogh - Starry Night Over The Rhone Cross Stitch Kit

One of Van Gogh's paintings of Arles at night, this stunning piece was painted on the bank of the Rhône. It is filled with incredibly colour, strikingly lit with stars and also features two lovers in the foreground for you to recreate.

Van Gogh Sunflowers Bookmark Cross Stitch Kit

Enjoy Van Gogh's bright yellow floral artwork as a bookmark for your latest novel with this summer cross stitch kit from DMC. From The National Gallery collection, this is a must-have kit for any art historian.

Cafe At Night (Van Gogh) Diamond Dotz Kit

This atmospheric piece evokes the invigorating colour and mood of a cafe floor at night. It is famous for its contrasting colours, deep blues and depth of perspective. You can now create it with our glittering Diamond Dotz kit.

Post By Ed Mason