From an early age most children enjoy crafts. From painting to drawing, we all remember as children experimenting with an array of different crafts to find one that suits our skills. In recent years the art of needlecraft appears to be coming back into fashion, making a lot more children wanting to join in with the craft. But how do you keep a child interested in the craft that we all love? Here at Past Impressions we have put together a three key points that will encourage a child to continue with needlecraft.

Keep The Design Simple

me to you cross stich

We all know that children tend to have quite short attention spans so trying to get children involved in a craft that takes patience can be a struggle. The key here is to find a pattern that they would like to create that has a simple pattern. Throwing a child in the deep end with a complicated pattern will end up with them losing interest and possibly not returning to needlecraft.

Understanding The Pattern

owl cross stitch

Once a child has chosen their pattern it is key to get them involved in the craft by understanding the types of equipment they will be using right down to the thread. This demonstrates the importance of planning ahead and also gives them a beginners understanding of how a needlecraft patterns work. Make sure that you assist them during this phase and allow them to ask you any questions that they may have as they read through the instructions. Feel free to give them a demonstration so they can see the technique used.

Displaying The Results

elephant cross stich

Once the child has finished their masterpiece display it where everyone can see. The praise that they will get from their needlecraft will encourage them to seek out more complicated designs and patterns, helping to grow their knowledge.For our full range of Children's Needlecraft Kits click here.

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