The Summer months are all about introducing some colourful, carefree fun into your life, so why not try something different? You may be in a bit of a transitional period with your embroidery kits and you'll looking to move away from the Spring styles and into something a little bit more cheery and fun to match the sunny weather! What better place to start than with a great Beryl Cook inspired kit from Bothy Threads. A Surrey born artist, Cook is known for her unmistakably distinctive work; taking familiar scenes from everyday life and injecting them with a real comedic vibrancy and colour. While living in Plymouth, she developed her style watching the quirky characters that frequented The Barbican waterfront. So to get in the creative spirit, Past Impressions have chosen some of our favourite Beryl Cook inspired cross stitch kits that we are sure will make an exuberant addition to your home!

Beryl Cook Girls Night Out Cross Stitch Kit

What better way to start one of your many cross stitch escapades than with this cheeky and cheerful "Girls Night Out" fabric design. Features three voluptuous party girls getting ready for a big night on the town! Full of Beryl's trademark detail and personality, this is a fun and unique piece for yourself, family or a friend.

Beryl Cook Bubbly Cross Stitch Kit

Inspired by her famous "Cruising" painting, this is a firm favourite amongst true Beryl Cook fanatics. Full of decadence and humour, this piece proves you don't have to be a youngster to have some fun!

Beryl Cook Wheels Cross Stitch Kit

The devil is in the detail with this great piece. With witty embellishments and a real sense of energy and amusement, this cross stitch kit is perfect for Beryl Cook completists, fans of cycling or those just looking for a great gift to give someone special.
All of these lovely, authentic embroidery kits come complete with fabric, thread, a chart and easy to follow instructions. Check out our future posts over on our Facebook Page, Twitter and at Google+.

Post By Ed Mason