The passion and appreciation surrounding cross stitching often seems to fly under the radar. With knitting taking centre stage in the world of armchair needle craft, behind the hype there's another devoted society of talented needle and thread wielders, making beautiful, creative designs from the comfort of their own home... Enter the humble cross stitcher!

At Past Impressions we love bringing new fans into our committed group of followers - but if you needed some more convincing - here's some of our favourite reasons to try cross stitching right away.

It's Creative

From choosing to finishing a project, it's an experience that really stretches your creative muscles.

You'll get everything, from your brain to your fingertips working, and in the end you'll have a beautiful completed piece to frame on your wall!

It's So Easy

Think cross stitching looks hard?

It may seem incredibly intricate - which it is - but all you need is a pattern to follow and some time on your hands.

You Can Take It With You

Whether you're sitting in your garden, on your lunch break or taking in the sun on Champagne Beach, you can bring your project anywhere and pick up where you left off.

It Doesn't Cost A Lot

Arm yourself with a Past Impressions kit, complete with aida, threads, needles and scissors and you're ready to escape into stitching paradise!

You Can Teach Yourself

Cross stitch is a journey of self discovery. You'll watch a few videos, read a few tutorials and build up loads of knowledge and skill in no time at all. Watching yourself get better is also extremely rewarding.

It's A Great Gift Idea

Finding the perfect present for a special occasion can be hard, particularly when you want something with a personal touch. Cross stitch designs are your answer! Create something you know a loved one will appreciate, frame it, and you've got yourself a gift that will stand the test of time.

Our Cross Stitch Samplers are a timeless gift to give to newlyweds, new parents, good friends and more.

It Keeps You Occupied 

It does take time to finish your cross stitch kit and it's definitely a labour of love, but stepping back and seeing something come together is a really exciting part of the process.

It's Social

Us cross stitchers are a social bunch and we love getting together to make, create and talk about our kits! Once you get started, your friends and family are likely to catch the bug as well...

You Can Cross Stitch Anything

From food to flowers, famous sayings to sports, there's a kit for pretty much anyone when you glance over our Cross Stitch category here.

Post By Ed Mason