Get the new year off to a positive start with one of our motivational quote cross stitch kits. Designed to inspire you, these cross stitch kits feature gorgeous designs with some powerful words of wisdom. In this blog post we share our top 8 motivational cross stitch kits that will be a joy to make and display.


Don't underestimate yourself with this 'Smarter' cross stitch kit from Design Works. Featuring a beautiful flowery backdrop and a thought-provoking quotation, this inspiring project is perfect for placing in any room of your home. 

Dancing In The Rain

Add a splash of optimism to the walls of your home with this cross stitch kit from Heritage Crafts. Designed by Peter Underhill, this quirky design features two happy frogs, framed by a lovely quote. A great gift for a friend or family member, you'd be hopping mad to miss this one!

A New Beginning

Designed by Peter Underhill for Heritage Crafts, this delightful Cross Stitch Kit features an adorable newborn chick gazing up at the phrase, Every Day is a New Beginning. This is the perfect kit for the start of a new year.

Together Dogs

The Together Dogs Cross Stitch Kit from Dimensions features a pair of pups on a riverboat and comes with a 'together, everything is possible' quotation.

Bee Happy

This flowery bumble bee cross stitch kit features a 'Don't Worry Bee Happy' quotation to create and display anywhere in your home. Designed by Karen Carter for Heritage Crafts. 


Show your courage and determination with this 'Braver' cross stitch kit from Design Works. Features a beautifully embellished motivational quote and plenty of floral details to brighten up your home. 

Wherever You Go 

If you love the escapism and freedom of cycling, then you'll enjoy creating the Wherever You Go Cross Stitch Kit from Dimensions. Comes filled with flowers, a lovely quote and a bike packed for a big trip away. 

Fragile Miracles

This cross stitch kit from Design Works pairs the time honoured Native American heirloom of the Dreamcatcher with a profound phrase to fire up the soul. The Fragile Miracles Cross Stitch kit matches its dreamcatcher to closely resemble the real thing, and with an intricate border and beautiful typography, its beautiful embroidery to both display and inspire.

Post By Rosie Burnman