That special day of the year is nearly upon us and for those that are have finished their Christmas Shopping, now is the time to start getting creative with the wrapping. Receiving a beautifully wrapped present at Christmas time makes your gift all that more special, and of course they look wonderful placed under the tree. Here at Past Impressions we have put together a simple guide to making this year's gifts truly magical with a few simple cross stitch designs.

cross stitch

Designing The Label

Use cross stitch to create your own labels. Stitch the recipients name onto it, create a special signature or a cute little design. These cross stitch designs will help you differentiate one present from the other, and also creates a pretty personal touch.

Wrapping Paper

Quite ambitious but well worth it. First start with some high quality plain wrapping paper and use a thick thread to create some fun designs. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you like depending on the amount of time and patience that you have to spare. A brilliant idea that will allow you to create a set of matching presents that are completely unique.


Tie up your present using left over thread. Use plain wrapping paper and choose as many colours as you like to make your gift look amazing. A great idea that may make the gift difficult to open, but is adorable.


Use your own cross stitch design to decorate the ribbon that will be wrapped around your gift. Create small snowflakes, stars or even just simple crosses that will bring your ribbon to life.

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Merry Christmas!

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